Helping Hands Int'l (H2I) & Jamalife helpers global When Helping Hands was pre-launched in Nigeria on the 3rd of December 2013, many people thought it was one of those rubbish programs. But today, the vision is clearer for all to see that its a genuine online MLM that has come to truly impact on humanity. Over 50 person have gotten Hyundai Brand new Elantra over 5,000 person have got their FREE Ipad/laptop. 20,000 are set to undergo free skill and trade acquisition training and millions of dollars has been paid out to H2i members. The journey of success is still on going because the NGO is going somewhere. Its target is to touch lives and empower people. And its leading up all to expectation. Jamalife network marketing business is also here in Nigeria, in less than few months is creating impacts on people. Currently there over 15,000 people have joined and is operating in over 30 countries

thousands of people keying in daily are getting better pay. Maybe your financial targets hasn't be met yet. You still have a chance to strick rich through jamalife network marketing business that will position you rightly to become the envy of onlookers. When it comes to get massive reward for little efforts put in, jamalife helpers global is the right choice for you. Try it out its real and direct payment into your bank account is working smoothly.

 Check below to see some facts about it

 1. It is a worldwide renowned NGO.

 2. It is registered in Nigeria as an NGO with    the Corporate Affairs Commission (CAC).

3. Itis a humanitarian and philanthropic organisation.

4. It is a MULTILEVEL MARKETING (MLM) networking organisation.

5. It is sponsored by renowned multinational organisations like Hyundai Motors, GAC Motors, Hewlett Packard, Diamond Bank, LG etc.

6. It works through the pool of resources donated by partners like all registered members here who share its vision.

7. Its' membership registration is a one- time donation.

8. It is committed to eradication of poverty from the surface of the earth.

9. It is the best MLM organisation. No selling of physical products like drugs, supplements, tea, health & beauty enhancers etc.

10. It activities are monitored and foolproof through effective use of Internet tools.

11. It has a robust rewarding incentive/package for its members growing from stages 1 to 8.

12. It is not a scam or fraud.

13. It is not a wonder bank or hyip.

14. It is not a lotto, casino or gambling.

15. It is not a religious organisation but teaches religious tolerance by admonishing partners to be good ambassadors and best adherents of whatever faith they belong.

16. It is not a cult or secret society.

17. It is not affiliated to any other network.

18. It is not a trading consortium but teaches members on trade and skill acquisition to be independent, generate income and gainful employment.

19. It is not for unserious people.

20. It is the business of the moment, the 21st century. It makes sense!

Reasons People Prefer this Business Model

👉🏼 Humanitarian Services
 👉🏼Asset/Property Support Service
 👉🏼Trade and Skills Acquisition Service
👉🏼Income opportunity
 👉🏼 Free food stuffs
 👉🏼Free household shopping equipment 
👉🏼Free health insurance
 👉🏼Free Internet Ready Laptops 
👉🏼Brand New Cars
 👉🏼House of your own 
👉🏼All Expenses paid trip 
👉🏼Infinity Bonus
👉🏼Residual Income For Life
 👉🏼Free Educational Fund .
👉 you earn directly to your local bank account
 👉 simple 2x2 and 2x3 matrix which is very simple making members to climb quickly through the stages within the space of few months of its lunch in Nigeria
 👉 they don't wait for levels to fill up before they pay you. You get paid once any person join you in your stage from your team.
👉 You get paid instantly.
👉 you earn both from your effort and your team's efforts
 👉The company will not only enrich your financially but also materially
 👉 you will enjoy international trip all expenses paid. Dubai and other exotic places 👉You will become a successful and a channel for others success. This means you will be a blessing for others.
👉 currently our head office is in Lagos.. very soon it will extend to other states. You can become a leader in your state.
 👉 Now I thank the almighty for this opportunity.

So what are you waiting for? Jump on this money train Now Its your choice! The amazing opportunity is right here for you.! The right empowerment plan and perfect timing! Now Its your choice! The amazing opportunity is here! All your dreams will come true! A successful career training.. Living in a bigger house... own a new car... Live a debt free life. . . Improved lifestyle, or Access Better Education For Your Children. JOIN TODAY! When preparation and vision meets opportunity. Some people are in the habit of saying "No" to all new opportunities. They feel they are protecting themselves, but they are also limiting the possibilities of what they can achieve. Consider this piece of advice: When a new opportunity presents itself. If it arises that it cannot possibly harm you in reaching your ultimate goal, then why not just give it a try? Besides you'll never know if an opportunity is just what you are looking for unless you try it. Often compared to ridding a wave or striking a hot iron, timing is the key to success for any business today! Now the opportunity you've been searching for is just in front of you. The future is in your hands and the opportunity couldn't Be More Perfect Than Right NOW! If you place your heart in something, nothing is impossible! All your dreams can become reality. A smart way to earn more fast. . . A smart way to workout more money A smart way to earn better income. You are invited to join us!!! Visit our website www.jamalifehelpersglobal A onetime cost of $5 (N2000) to get started. If you are ready to start immediately call me now +2347036959741 MAC-FRANCIS

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 No: 3067626099
 Name Francis edem

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