Dealing with Attrition in Your MLM Business... Today, I’m going to talk about dealing with attrition in your MLM Business.  This is one of those “taboo” topics that most people in our industry are scared to talk about in a public setting.  I understand why, but I also realize that if you “understand” this simple concept, it will be much easier to deal with when it happens. Attrition in the Real Business World First off, every type of sales profession has a high turnover of sales personnel (attrition). Ask any real estate broker, insurance broker, or sales manager and they will tell you that they experience 30 to 80 percent (or higher) yearly attrition in their sales organization.  Ask any retail sales manager what their turnover is among their sales staff. It's very high. Furthermore, ask any business owner how much attrition they have with their customer and employees. Most businesses have high attrition with both customers and employees. Think about your local gas station for a minute. Some people who shop there are just passing through and never come back. Some customers shop there a few times each week. Some customers only shop there when the price is the cheapest. And some people shop there a few times, but never come back if they have a bad experience. When it comes to employees, very few of them are loyal to their company. They will go to where they are paid the most.  This is normal.  It’s not a bad thing either.  In addition, many companies are looking for ways to replace employees with cheaper priced employees. The days of employee-employer loyalty are long gone.  Both companies and employees look out for their own best interests first. Attrition in Network Marketing Network marketing is no different. You will ALWAYS have attrition and turnover in your team, regardless of what you do, or don’t do.  It's a tough pill to swallow, but it's the truth. The sooner you can accept that the better. Every year, MOST of your team members will quit.  In most cases, it will be 50 to 80 percent of your entire organization.  If you have 100 people on your team this year, and no new people join, you will probably only have 20 to 50 people left on your team by the end of the year.  That's why new lifeblood is so important in this business. People quit network marketing for a variety of reasons. Some people quit because of divorce. Others get married. Some simply lose interest. Some people get sick.  Some folks lose their jobs. Some people die.  Others get promoted in their career. Others find a different home business. You simply need to accept that most people quit everything they do in life.  It is normal.  And there is very little you can do about it. I don't believe you can keep someone from quitting the business (if that's what they want to do), but I do believe you can do a few things to minimize the attrition in your MLM Business. Dealing with Attrition in Your MLM Business Listed below are a few tips to help you deal with attrition in your MLM Business. # 1 Build Depth & Fear of Loss I've found that the best way to deal with attrition in your MLM Business is to build depth.  When you light a fire in the basement everyone above them gets excited (in most cases anyway). When people have something to lose they are less likely to quit the business, even if they aren't making money.  No, you shouldn't build someone's team for them, but you can build one power leg under each person, so they have a small team, a small check, and something to lose. # 2 Never Stop Your Personal Recruiting Next, never stop personally sponsoring people into your team. Always look for self-motivated and sharp people that you can sponsor and work with. Talk to new people EVERY single day and share your products and business opportunity with them whenever possible. Never ever go a month without personally sponsoring two to four new people.  Lead by example for your group.  Set the pace! # 3 Help Your Team Members Make Money It would be in your best interest to help your new teammates get a check as quickly as possible. You have about a 30 to 90-day grace period (max) from the time someone joins your team until they lose their initial enthusiasm (if they aren’t making money). Do what you can do to help everyone find three to five customers and sponsor two to four people during their first 90 days in the business. Help everyone you sponsor earn enough money at least to cover the cost of their own product purchases.  When people get their products for free, they will keep reordering (normally). Of course, not everyone you sponsor will stick around or be willing to work the business, but you can identify the serious ones and help them get a check quickly. # 4 Educate Your Team / Teach Them New Skills Another thing you can do to deal with attrition in your MLM Business is to EDUCATE your team about network marketing. Get them reading books about the industry and have them attend some live events. Develop a training program and getting started program for your new team members so they can learn about the products, the company, network marketing, leadership, sales, marketing and other important skills. If you can get people to see the POTENTIAL in the industry and to BELIEVE in the industry (and themselves), more people will stick around. I suggest you have your entire team read this book"my first year in network marketing" # 5 Build Relationships Another good thing to do to deal with attrition in your MLM Business is to invest some one-on-one time with each team member. Try to build a friendship with them.  People are less likely to quit on a friend than quit on someone they hardly know.  It's true, people don't care how much you know until they know how much you care. Remember, network marketing is a relationship business. # 6 Create a Team Culture My next tip for dealing with attrition in your MLM Business is to create a team culture.  You must realize that most people want to be part of something greater than themselves.  People want to be recognized and feel appreciated. You want to create a winning team culture where there is excitement, where people feel safe, and where people are encouraged to grow. Create a team culture that is so strong that people never want to leave, even if they stop doing the business. # 7 Get People Using the Products My final tip, and quite perhaps my best tip for dealing with attrition in your MLM Business is to be product focused. From my personal experience, I've found that most people who join a network marketing business to make money quit in 90 days or less. However, people who decided to do the business because they were a happy customer first typically stick around longer, and do much better!  Focus on finding customers and then upgrade some of those customers into distributors. Get everyone on your team using the products. Help people fall in love with the products.  Loyal product users are where your real residual income comes from. Final Thoughts In summary, these are just a few things you can do to deal with attrition in your MLM Business. No matter what you do as a sponsor to help your team, most people will still quit the business. That's okay. If you can follow some of the tips I mentioned in this article you will get much better results in your business, make more money, and have less attrition. ​​​​​​​ More importantly, even if most people quit the business, you can still make a great income. You really only need a few key people to build a big MLM Team. Ultimately, you're looking for a few key leaders who "get it."  Those are the people you want to help and spend most of your time with. You can't drag anyone across the finish line or make anyone successful in the business. Your job is to realize it's a numbers game and to work with the willing! What do you think about MLM Attrition?  Please leave a comment below to tell us what you do to deal with attrition in your MLM Business.  I look forward to hearing from you.  Have a great day. Have a Super Awesome Day!

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