Welcome to my blog. This is a compilation of the training I had with different networkers in one of my training groups.

It was a wonderful training and I really enjoyed it.

One thing I have learnt in network marketing is that as you understand the industry, you will really understand that it's not only about your private company, it is mostly about the entire network marketing industry.

A friend once asked me "but why should you be training people who are not in the same company with you"? I answered him that we are all one irrespective of the company you are promoting.

We are all networkers in the network marketing industry and until you comprehend this simple fact, you may not be successful in your network marketing career.

Ok lets dive into the training I had with different networkers last week.

I’m glad you found me. My name Mac-francis Edem Ekpenyong.  I live in Cross River State, Nigeria with my relatives.

I was raised up by my uncle a Catholic priest who gave me lots of love, He trained me as his biological child and provided my basic necessities

My parents ain't financially buoyant, which is a motivation for me to take responsibilities of taking care of my siblings.

After my higher institution, the reality of life started surfacing which was a signal that I needed to start doing something with my life

What would I do then?
One evening while discussing with one of my friends on WhatsApp chat application, I got a message from my long distanced friend about a free business opportunity taking place in my state. Naturally I hardly go through long messages on WhatsApp but thank God I did cus that was the beginning of my life changing moments.

This message was an invitation to a business seminar.

When I got there, it was a Network Marketing or MLM business presentation.

 They began to explain and explain…, I was told that I should join and get 5 people who would get their 5 people join as well – who also get their 5. 

To cut the long story short, I had about N38,150  then, I joined and started studying about MLM business. 

I have failed severally in network marketing businesses. In my first company, my first 8 Month it wasn't fun ill explain this in detail shortly

I will quickly tell you a little about myself in a minute. The success I have now in recruiting prospects on daily basis didn't just surface, it came as a result of my continuous engagement in network marketing prospecting, presenting following up and closing. 

I am not one of those online marketers that preach what they read somewhere. I preach what I have actually done. And to a greater extent I can boldly tell you what works and what doesn't work as far as recruiting is concern specifically on chats applications.

A brief reflection to when I started my network marketing adventure, it was frustrating..... I mean it was heartbreaking. My first network marketing company was a very unique one with a great product but I was a novice in network marketing business. 

I experienced countless rejections, emotional trauma and everything you can think of. It wasn't fun. I constantly engaged in the business for complete 8 months without any sign up. I was more than discouraged, I thought of quiting the industry but I couldn't. The highest I did was to quit the company. 

At this point something kept on telling me that I can if I choose... I then decided to take network marketing as a business, Instead of viewing it with a novice mindset, I started seeing it as a life changing opportunity there after I jumped fully into learning the skills and that was the day that things started changing, 

I then joined another company of which I started seeing  results. I continued to sharpen my skills until I secured my position in my current company. It's has not been easy though but it worth it. I have been able to show so many people the skills I have been using to recruit online

I recruit 5 people weekly into my team at minimum. There was a point I was able to recruit 22 people into my team using only whatapps. Also you may be shocked to know that I only recruit through WhatsApp. I have never gotten a prospect from any social media platform. Though some from my blog , but 90% of my team members joined me through WhatsApp and that is the only platform that I leverage on though,

 just of recent, I am undertaking different courses on different ways of recruiting on different social media platforms too.  To cut the whole story short network marketing business has been an exciting adventure for me. I have met great people, I now understand alot about personal development. I consume books now like oxygen it makes a lot of sense that i am changing very fast in my very before.

In today's training I will guide you so that you don't make the mistake I made when I first started.

Infact I think that everyone in network marketing industry should consider the idea I'll be sharing here as the primary idea for their success.

This idea will expose you to what you should be spending your time on and trust me if you understood and take this idea to heart, you will eventually experience success within a very short period.

Ok lets proceed.

I want to quickly explain an idea that will assist you greatly in your network marketing journey

As we know, network marketing is a profession on it's own

It is not one of those businesses, it's a different profession entirely.

That is why until you start seeing it as a different profession, you may not be able to succeed greatly at it.

The idea that I am about Shearing here with you is one idea that assisted me greatly in my network marketing career.

Infact it is like the slight edge in network marketing business.

Most people don't always know it

But if you understand it early, you will safe your precious time

I wasn't able to identify it early in my network marketing career and that resulted to a whole lot of difficulty.

Because I was concentrating my energy on the wrong aspect

So today's training is about identifying where your network marketing energy lies

You have to know this so that you don't waste alot of time on the wrong approach

Your prospecting approach will determines
 your success

In network marketing business, your strength can be online or offline

You have to figure out if your strength is online or offline

This discovery will enable you to know what to focus on

If your strength is offline and you are focusing online, you may not be successful easily and if your strength is online and 90% of your prospecting is done offline, you may not still be successful

You have to really understand this because it will give you a clear focus

You will know how to concentrate your learning

You will know what to practice on.

One truth about network marketing is that if you focus on a particular thing over and over again, you will certainly become used to it

And you will be extremely good at it

If you focus on building your business offline consistently, you will certainly be good at it after a while

Same thing applies to online

But if you ain't focusing on developing yourself on any approach, you won't be good at any approach

You will stay in the industry for so long without being good at either offline approach or online approach

So what you have to understand is where your strength lies so that you start focusing more of your attention on it

The question is how can you identify where your strength lies??

It is very easy

Have you recruited anyone before?

Which approach did you use to recruit the person?? Offline or online

Was it easy for you to recruit the person With that approach?

Personally which approach will you like to develop yourself in ?

These few questions will make you to identify where your strength lies and you can start working on it

Kindly identify where your strength lies so that you know where to be focusing most of your time on

Any other approach should be secondary

But know your primary approach in your network marketing career

Have a powerful day
Rock your network marketing business

Lets SKYROCKET our business

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