How to transfer 100% enthusiasm to your network marketing team members 

Welcome to my blog. Hope you are doing great.

I am doing wonderfully well too.

I am extremely excited today cus I'm about Shearing with you a feature that you probably have been seeing but give less attention to it.

This information is worth a thousand dollars cus it will increase your team's activities which will eventually increase your income too.

If you had been using it before, by now your growth in your network marketing business would have been massive.


Let me ask you a question

Do you know that offline teams do extremely well than online teams?

Here is what I mean.

Do you know that if you register someone offline, there's 70% of that person being active than if you had registered him online???

Yes this is true,

You can ask any top leader in network marketing business.

Many offline teams engage readily in doing their business than online teams.

But why is it so???

That is a million dollar question.

But calm down because you will get the answer.

Not only will you get the answer, you will know how to implement and engage your online team members to be equally active as if you registered them offline.

In this training I'll show you what to do to increase your team's productivity by increasing their rates of engagement.

The key reason why offline teams do extremely well than offline is what I call "physical contact"

Physical contact is important in building your business;

That is why attending a live event can never be compared with watching that same event on a screen.

The energy obtained from being physically present in an event is 80% effective

That is why promoting event in network marketing industry rocks cus if you can get alot of your team members to attend your company's live event, you are 50 % ahead of the team leader who doesn't take his or her team members to the event.

Now if you are building your business online mostly through WhatsApp, your team may not be effective as a leader who has an offline team.

Ok let me expatiate;

Your team members need to be around you physically in order to pick up your energy (enthusiasm).

In an offline team, team members pick these energies readily from their team leaders.

They way they talk, their accents, their eye contacts, their gestures, their movement of the body and other hundreds signals.

The human mind is a wonderful machine in the universe that can pick up gestures and facial expressions to interpret meanings that can't be explained verbally.

The mind can aswell interpret a mixture of someone's tone of voice with the movement of that person's right leg in a way that will will affect you.

All these things done by offline leaders are easily picked by team members.

These hundreds of gestures produced by a passionate offline team leaders will readily affect team members to be like their leaders.

And they will subconsciously be active without knowing.

This is why it's always said that your team will only grow to the extent of your growth.

Yea, team leaders affect their members.

But the sad truth is that those building their network marketing business online won't benefit from the above concept.

They won't be able to transfer all their enthusiasm into the minds of their team members.

Here is the reason

You will only be using messages and calls (words only) to engage your team members. These concepts can only radiate only 30% of your enthusiasm into the mind of your members. This is even for those that have been messaging and calling their members because many networkers don't.

 This is why an offline leader will always out shine you because their team members absorb 100% of their enthusiasm.

Including: words and gestures.

From research it's known that humans are easily affected by non verbal cues.

This is to say that 70% of our enthusiasm can't be picked when we are only using words. This is why an offline leader will always have more passionate members than an online leader.

Guess what.....???

There is a good news for you even if you are doing your network marketing business online.

I am going to show you how you can aswell give your team members 100%. Enthusiasm so that they engage more in their business

This technique works like magic because you can tweak it to suit your requirements.

If you are building your business online, it may be difficult for you to move from one place to another in order to have this physical touch with your team members rather you can use video call and live video trainings.

Video call is a very powerful tool to transfer 100% of your energy to your team members

As simple as this May sound, it functions like magic.

Let me give you the steps

You can decide to use WhatsApp video call to reach out to your team members at least Once a week. This will not only motivate them and show them that you care, but it will prove to them that they are in a serious tasks and they will start believing that they can archive financial freedom with you working with them.

Secondly you can start using Facebook live or hangout

Inform your team members about this. you can be having it once a month. It may not necessarily be for training, it may just be to see one another.

The essence of this is the physical contact.

Forget about if it's on the phone or not..... your subconscious mind can't distinguish between reality or imagination.

It will certainly pick up the feeling that you are physically present with your team members and it will accomplish what should be accomplished.

This is one powerful ways you can  transfer 100% of your enthusiasm to your team members even if you are building your network marketing business online using WhatsApp.

This thing is simple to do and simple not to do

Ignore it at your peril

Have a great time.

Do you have any other way by which you can transfer 100% enthusiasm to your team members using WhatsApp or any other social media???? If yes kindly comment below.

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