How to attract and retain members in your church

How to increase the number of people in your church. You can enhance members growth in your church in different ways but uv got to know that Irrespective of the fact that a church is a religious gathering, proper intuitive analysis and organization must be maintained in order to enhance development and a friendly atmosphere.

The rate at which church members are leaving churches are on a higher side. Even most of the engaged members are gradually declining in their activities. This will keep on happening unless the major issues are checked.

In this post I will be walking you through all you need to do to attract and retain members in your church, association, peer groups, gathering or employees. This is An Ultimate Guide to Growing Your Church. The purpose of this post is to give you a brief overview of what's to come.

From research, 75% of engagement is from proper communications (how to relate with members either new or existing) which give rise to greater engagements and commitment. Most people first come to a church because of a relationship they have with someone who already attends. Emphasize that knowing and having a relationship with persons in your church is necessary.

Attracting members to your church requires good relationship building. This may take place in different ways but in this post I will focus on bulk SMS.

One way to build a closer relationship with your members is by the use of bulk SMS. But before then I think in order to answer the question of how to grow your church membership, that is, how your church can reach the unchurched, we need to ask if you understand the effect of bulk SMS.

Bulk SMS is one of the quickest ways to reach mass groups at once, is relatively inexpensive, requires less technical know-how and is proven to be successful in engaging members. In fact, Juniper Research has reported that 97% of text messages are read by the phone owner, and 90% of those phone owners read the text within the first six minutes of receiving it. Imagine appreciating your first timer members with an appreciative message. This will skyrocket his or her interest in coming back cus he or she will feel welcomed.

Bulk SMS won't only make members to return to your church or organization but it is also very effective in the aspects of retaining members. Here is what I mean. You can decide to be sending good inspirational messages at least once or twice in a month. This will not only strengthened the existing relationship but it will projects love and trust. It will make a member feel important and this will keep him/her more engaged in your church. There are different steps to handle this so that you obtain massive results

If you want to increase the numbers of people in your church keep on reading this article to the end.

Step one.. you must have your members phone numbers

You can decide to collect phone numbers from new members so that you have a ready made phone number database for this purpose

Step two choose a good Bulk SMS platform.

You need a bulk SMS platform. In all honesty, there are plenty of them out there. But needless to say, when it comes to SMS platforms, choose the one who offers the best packages with unlimited customer support.You should choose a bulk SMS service that is cheap, fast and easy to use. You know, you  require a bulk SMS provider service to handle your relationship building. The type that at least sells a unit at 1 NAIRA and sends a 1page message  at a  cost not higher than 2 or 3 units this means that if you were to send a bulk SMS to 5,000 phone numbers it should not be higher than #10,000 or 15,000 naira respectively
I can recommend a bulk SMS service if you don't have any. Click here

In order to be able to  send bulk SMS  you’ll need to purchase bulk SMS units.

 we can handle everything for you If you need a perfect work.

Step 3
You can decide to create a social media group eg (Facebook, Twitter, TELEGRAM, whatapps) where you may include the link to direct your members to join. It is advisable to send them this link embedded message a day or two after your welcome message.

Step 4
Updates, church activities and other relevant informations should be posted on the group you created.

This method will skyrocket the number of members in your church and will engage active members the more. Here is the reason, Approximately 50% of the population pay much attention to Sms.

Before you close this post I'll also advise you to always take good care of your first timers cus That is the principle driver for growth: how you treat your first-time visitor.' It's not uncommon for members who know each other well to think of their church as 'welcoming'.

Also Streaming your services online is one of the most powerful ways to share your ministry with people beyond your church walls. Learn to be kind with people. You have an important mission, a big vision, and some committed people. But you want to reach more and more people with the life- changing message of Jesus. You want more Remember that God wants lost people found even more than you do. Allow people to belong to your church before they believe, so that they'll have others around too.

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