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Before I proceed with this explanation let me quickly bring to your attention that other important online skills are equally necessary to master but these two are necessary if you must excel in building your network marketing business using the online approach.

I've been building my network marketing business online for the past 7 years.

I decided to use the online approach because it aligns well with my personality and above that, there are endless opportunities Online.

I thank God that the online approach is my area of networking strength else I wouldn't have been writing this by now.

Different Online networking skills are important but not as the two I'll be describing in this post.

Once you master these two skills you are good to go with building your network marketing business Online.

These skills are like the primary skills.

kindly study and apply them.

A) LEAD GENERATION: This is your ability to coordinate interested Prospects online to your network marketing presentation.

If you are building your network marketing business online mastering lead generation is essential else you won't enjoy your business.

This may be the most time-consuming skill you will have to learn and once you master it, your online marketing will be easy.

The general concept of lead generation is to channel all your leads to a particular location where you can present your products and business opportunity to them.

Here are other things you must understand about lead generation.

#1) Use a lead generation method that works best for you. :

There are different ways by which you can capture leads but few will only work best for you.

Don't use a lead capture method because you have seen it working well for your friend or other people.

For example: Initially, I was using a lead capture page and channeling my leads to my email list because that was the method I saw most networkers using but I wasn't generating leads as I expected so I changed it to another method that works better.

And currently, I'm generating 3 times leads compared to when I was channeling my leads to an email list.

In a summary experiment with different lead generation methods and pick the one that works best for you.

#2) generate leads from different platforms but channel all of them to a particular location.

Most networkers generate leads to different locations.

In my opinion, this isn't ideal because your leads will be scattered.

generate leads using different platforms but
Channel all your leads to a particular location so that presentation can be done easily.

#3) capture your leads from where your target audience is. Don't just capture any lead.

Many networkers make the mistake of generating unqualified leads.

Unqualified leads are leads that won't be interested in your business but since your capturing message wasn't precise for them to understand that the business isn't for them, they joined your lead funnel.

Unqualified Prospects can equally be captured if you are in a midst of wrong and untargeted Prospects.

You must know where you are capturing your leads from.

Let me tell you a little about when I started Marketing my business on WhatsApp. 

I didn't know the ethical way of sharing my WhatsApp group link and because of this, I was dropping my group link in any group I joined not caring if those groups were business groups or not. 

Because I was doing this, I was getting untargeted Prospects into my business group and due to this, I wasn't making any sales.

The lesson from this is that your leads are as good as their sources. 

If you generate leads from the wrong source, you won't recruit any of them.

Be sure that you are generating leads from quality sources and that your method for generating them is professional.


In my previous article, I wrote about the best follow-up technique online.

If you haven't gone through that article kindly click here.

Let's proceed...

Follow-up technique is a unique skill that must be mastered else you will lose most of your Prospects.

Once you master this skill you can be assured that your lead generation effort won't be in vain.

Many networkers are very good at lead generation but poor at following up.

This makes their lead generation effort to be in vain because 90% of leads generated don't always buy or join the business at first exposure.

Here are some things to understand about following up Online.

#1) 90% of your leads won't convert the first time they are exposed to your business.

#2) most of your Prospects will be in your follow-up list or platform for a long time.

Don't remove them allow them to be there no matter how long they stay there.

#3) 70 percent of your follow-up messages should be educative while 30 percent can be about selling.

#4) Prospects in your follow-up channel should be seen as lifetime Prospects. so, even if they don't join your current business treat them well and know that they can buy something else from you in the future.

Lead generation and follow-up are the main two skills to master if you are building your network marketing business Online other income-producing activities in network marketing business like presentation and closing can be handled without much knowledge.

Moreover, In respect to presentation skills, You can always expose your prospects to a recorded presentation or write-ups done by your company while closing can be achieved by a proper understanding of The business presentation on the part of the prospect.

Following this analysis, you can see that your main duty is to generate leads for your presentation and follow up on the ones that are yet to sign up.

Focus on mastering lead generation and following up with your Prospects and your Online Marketing efforts will yield huge Results, you will be able to recruit a lot of people online and your team will grow faster.

Was this training helpful?

In your opinion What are the most important online skills to master as an online network marketer?

Kindly leave your opinion below I'll like to hear from you.

Till you hear from me again keep on attracting great things to yourself.


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super day my fellow network marketing professional. 

I hope your business is going well and your team is continuously duplicating.

In today's training, I want to talk about another income-producing activity known as follow-up.

You probably have heard before that the fortune is in the follow-up. 

This is true.

This, therefore means that if you are not following your Prospects up, you are leaving a lot of money on the table because 90% of your Prospects won't buy or join you the first time you approach them.

But the question is what is the best way to follow up with a Prospect online?

How can you follow up with someone without making the person feel like you are disturbing him/her or without making the person feel like he/she is doing you a favour?

This is always a problem mostly if you are new to network marketing. 

If you don't know how to follow up with your Prospects professionally, they will run away from you. 

Most of them will feel disturbed while others will think that they will be doing you a favour when they sign-up.

I've also come to realize that if you don't follow up professionally, you will ruin relationships with your Prospects.

During my early days in the network marketing business, I hated following up with my Prospects even when my upline encouraged me to do so, I couldn't because I felt like I was disturbing my Prospects, and because of this, I wasn't recruiting.

In case you are equally not comfortable with following up with your Prospects, don't worry I'll show you a very simple approach that will not only help you overcome that fear but you will equally follow up professionally.

In life, there are two types of follow-up. The active follow-up and the passive follow-up.

We have engaged in both at some point in our lives.

Firstly what is the meaning of follow-up?

In simple terms; following up with a Prospect simply means reminding your Prospects about your business with an aim of closing the prospect or further clarification.

This can take different forms but for the sake of simplicity, I categorize it into active and passive follow-ups.

If you directly remind someone about something, that is active follow-up. And if you indirectly remind someone about something it's passive follow-up.

For example;

Let's assume you asked your Dad to get you a particular bag and he agreed but forgot to do it. 

If you directly remind him about the bag, it means you are following up actively on getting the bag. But if you decide to indirectly do something or say something that will remind him of his promise.. this is a passive follow-up.

We all have in one way or another engaged in follow-up in life.

From the above explanation, you will know that the passive approach is the less intense way to remind someone about something.

This concept can be applied in the network marketing business.

Rather than directly following up with your Prospects which can make both you and your Prospects uncomfortable, you can passively do some things to continuously remind your Prospects about your business.

The idea I want to share here is solely my opinion on the best way to follow up online. 

It may not be the best for other people but to me, the passive approach is the best way to follow up with your Prospects.

I'm going to explain how to go about it.

Passive follow-up is effective Online. It can be done offline but the online approach works better.

examples of offline follow-up include mass media adverts ( radio, TV, bulk SMS, etc.), and billboards notice. 

These offline adverts and notices are not directed to a particular person but they help to remind you of something. E.g whenever you see a Coca-Cola billboard, you are reminded to drink it. That is an act of following up passively.

The passive offline follow-up is good but not as passive online follow-up.

Here's how to passively follow up with your Prospects Online.

I build my network marketing business 100% Online and I enjoy following up Online because it doesn't feel like I'm following up 

it's a normal business update to me.

Social media is a great place to follow up because its algorithm will automatically show your posts to your Prospects both the ones that have gone through your business explanation and those that haven't.

Depending on the online platform you are using to build your network marketing business, you can apply passive follow-up by consistently updating the platform.

For example

If you are using a WhatsApp group to build your business here's what you are to do after presenting your business to your Prospects.

Ensure that you have added them to your WhatsApp group and constantly update the group about your business.

This way they will be reminded about the business. 

The good thing about this is that you are not contacting them personally and it doesn't make anyone uncomfortable.

The same thing applies to those building their network marketing business on Facebook be it your profile, group, or page.


If you are building your network marketing business on Facebook here's how to apply passive follow-up.


If You are using your Facebook profile to build your network marketing business, you can follow up with your Prospects passively without contacting the person directly.

All you need to do is to ensure that after he/she has gone through your explanation, start interacting with the person's posts. 

Anytime the person makes a post, engage with it. 

Not only will this build your relationship with the person, but it will enable Facebook algorithm to show your posts too to the person and since you will be posting about your business regularly, the person will keep on seeing your posts which will remind him/her about your business.


If you are using a Facebook group to build your business you can follow up with your Prospects passively too.

This is how to go about it.

After sharing your business explanation with your Prospect invite him to your Facebook group. 

As soon as he joins the group, the follow-up will be automatic. As you update your group with the business information, Facebook will keep on showing him which will constantly remind him.

There's no easy way to remind someone about something easier than this.

Your duty is to keep on updating your group with your business information and before you realize it, your prospect will decide whether to join you or not.

The same technique applies to anyone using a Facebook page to build his/her business.

After sharing your business explanation with your Prospect, invite the person to follow your page to stay updated.

As far as they are following your page, any information you post about your business will be shown to them.

The amazing thing is that it puts them at ease to decide on their own.

It doesn't make you or them uncomfortable and it's not directed solely to a particular Prospect but yet still powerful in reminding the Prospect about taking action.

I hope you enjoyed my online passive follow-up strategies. 

In my opinion, this is the best way to follow up on a Prospect in the network marketing business online. 

Connect the person to the platform you are using to build your business and allow the platform to do the follow-up for you.

Was this training helpful? Do you have any questions or contributions to this topic if yes kindly leave a comment below I'll like to hear from you.

Just in case you are new to my blog. I Have been training entrepreneurs on how to make their first million in their different businesses. 

If you have this type of goal, you can join my WhatsApp group lets help you make your first million.


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Before I proceed I want to let you know that this is the same method I'm using to build my network marketing business with my phone.

Although it's not the only method I'm using to build my business Online. it's one of my major channels.

I have read about and listened to a lot of "sexy" methods on how to build a network marketing business online. 

I have tried different automation tools in the past and yet I didn't still get the results I wanted.

The idea I'm about to share here may be less automated but the truth is that it's working for me.

I prefer to teach you what is working for me than teach you what sounds sexy but isn't working for me.

A lot of networkers claim to build their Network Marketing business online through fully automated methods yet they move from one place to another and conduct countless offline seminars before making a dime from their business.

Anyone who claims to build their business Online yet organizes offline seminars frequently isn't building an online business.

An online network marketer is someone who builds his or her network marketing business 100% online.

I am qualified to teach you this because that is what I do. 

I build my network marketing business specifically online with my phone. And one of the strategies I use to do this is what I'm about to share in this post.

Will you like to build your network marketing business 100% Online? 

Will you like your phone or your laptop to be your office?

Will you prefer to work your business from anywhere be it your room, beach, kitchen, or even while waiting for food on your dining table?

If your answer is yes I'll suggest you follow the simple ideas below and within a very short time your business will be done 100% Online.

The simplest yet effective stress-free way in building your network marketing business Online is by blogging.

Don't be in a hurry to say you know about this.

Keep calm and go through the method I have been using. 

I have written on this topic several times but in different ways. I always like repeating it because of its effectiveness.

If you are building your network marketing business online, owning a blog is necessary...

Here are the steps

#1) CREATE A BLOG: You can pay someone to do it for you or you can do it by yourself. 

My first blog was a free one. I created it by myself and started posting on it.

I didn't know anything about blogging but to my amazement after a few months, People started seeing my posts on google which made them start reaching out to join my business.

Blogging is as simple as deciding to blog.

All you need to start is to start. Don't wait and don't discourage yourself in any form.

Just make sure that you are passionate about building your business Online and you will be good to go.

You may want to get a mentor. Someone that will guide you. 

Also, I have a course that can guide you through the entire process. 

If you need my course on how to build your network marketing business through blogging kindly click here and purchase from my store. Or you can WhatsApp me (+2347036959741).

#2) CONTENTS. : After creating your blog, Write articles about network marketing Companies, reviews about different MLM Companies, network marketing trainings, and advice about the network marketing industry. 

These are the type of posts that will enable you to attract people that are already interested in a particular network marketing company or the network marketing industry.

Attracting your target audience is essential if you want to build a great network marketing business online. make sure that your articles are related to your niche.

#3) DIRECT YOUR READERS TO YOUR WHATSAPP GROUP: As I said earlier, I have to let you know the method that works well for me.

During my early days in the network marketing business, I read about different closing options Online... Options like using a lead capture page and closing Prospects through email. 

While this may work for other networkers, it doesn't work for me.

My best closing channel is a WhatsApp group.

Out of 100 Prospects that will join my WhatsApp group for a presentation, at least I'll have 10 sign-ups from that but it won't be so on my email list. 

The rate of my email conversion is low compared to my WhatsApp group.

So I recommend closing with a WhatsApp group.

Attach your WhatsApp group link to your blog posts and encourage your readers that may be interested in knowing more about your business to join the group.

Before we proceed to the last method... in case this is your first time on my blog I want to introduce you to my millionaire's group. I teach entrepreneurs how to earn their first million by applying the law of attraction. In the training, I explain how I became a millionaire using the law of attraction. Note: irrespective of your business, you will be able to apply it. Kindly join my WhatsApp group if you are interested

Let us continue


One strategy for ranking your blog posts is by having multiple clicks to the post.

Although, this isn't the only way to rank your post but it will help you rank faster while learning about search engine optimization (SEO).

As this happens, your blog posts will be more visible and will be shown to more people. this will make your readers join your team.

If you followed these steps, you will be able to build your network marketing business from anywhere you are. You will continuously have targeted  Prospects in your WhatsApp group that will eagerly join your team.

I have been using this strategy for some years now with remarkable results.

This is my simplest yet effective way to build a stress-free network marketing business online.

Do you have any questions or contributions to this training? If yes kindly leave a comment below I'll like to hear from you.

Till you hear from me again keep on attracting great things to yourself...


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Ideas are cosmic energy that permeates all time and space.

Everything we see in the universe was first of all an idea in the mind of its creator.

one can say that everything we see was first of all an unseen energy.

If you must bring anything to the physical realm, you must get it in the spiritual realm first.

Today's training will expose you to some powerful ideas that will enable you to network like a pro.

These ideas may or may not be new to you.

You might or might not be using them but Understand that irrespective of what you know about network marketing, if your knowledge isn't reflected in your results I'll advise you to be engaged more in action and not just to read the good ideas.



Let me be open with you here ... I wasn't earning good money in my network marketing business until I started writing down my network marketing goals.

If you have been reading my articles by now you should know that writing down your goals is the first step to having physically what you want.

Most networkers work very hard the only problem with them is that they don't have a list of what they want.

Understand: life will only be serious with you when you are serious with it.

If you want to network like a pro this year then you should join the top 3% of networkers that have a list of what they want in their business.

Just as it's easy to do this, it's equally easy not to do.

If you are serious about building your network marketing business like a pro this year and you haven't written down your goals, I suggest you do so immediately after reading this post.

Your goals are the things you want. After writing what you want, it's advisable to figure out why you want to have them.

Your reason for reaching your network marketing goals will help you stay on track.

You should equally ask yourself what will happen if you don't reach those goals in your network marketing business.

In the laws of human nature, we are made to understand that we will do everything possible to avoid pain. 

By asking yourself what will happen if you don't reach your network marketing goals, you are bringing to your consciousness the pains you will experience when you fail to reach your goals and this will always motivate you to do what you must do in your business to avoid the pain.


All network marketing professionals know how their products and services can benefit their Prospects and because of this knowledge, they sell these benefits rather than the products.

Prospects won't join your business unless they have seen how it will benefit them.

Most Prospects may not know how your product, services, or business opportunity will benefit them, it's your place to bring to their consciousness. 

When you are precise about this, they will join or buy from you.

Also, you should know that if you are not clear on how your product benefits your Prospects, you won't be able to communicate it and if you are unable to communicate to your Prospects, you won't succeed.


This is another important aspect to consider if you want to build your network marketing business like a pro this year.

Knowing your target market will not only save your time but will equally increase your Productivity.

Your target markets are Prospects that are likely to join or buy your products.

Look around you what type of people are likely to join or buy your products?

What is their need? What are their gender, age, likes, and dislikes, and where do they spend most of their time?

No matter your network marketing business, there's a target market for you...

You are your first ideal client. Most of your target audience will reason like you.

For example

My target market is other networkers. I prefer targeting People that already Understand network marketing business this is because I am looking for business builders.

Some networkers always target product users.

You should know your target market so that you know how to Position your business.

This is what I mean..... Because I am targeting other networkers, this blog is for training other networkers.

Other networkers that are targeting product users may write about health tips on their blogs.

Some networkers that sell energy drinks are targeting athletes which will make them write about sports and games.

To recruit or sell more, you must know those you are selling to else you won't succeed.

Remember if you are targeting everyone, you are targeting nobody...

Identifying your target market will enable you to sell the right product to the right person.

You won't sell Bible in a mosque neither will you sell Koran to a Christian.

Identifying your target market will enable you to sell your Bible to a Christian and your Koran to a Muslim.

You will also understand that the best product to sell to a vegetarian is vegetables and not meat.


Don't force it, let go and
let God.

Professional networkers don't always force things... They only act with belief and conviction and because they normally believe in a positive outcome, they experience it.

If your aim is to build your network marketing business like a pro this year then you must work by faith and not by sight.

Irrespective of your present situation move with belief that you have won. 

Don't force your actions only control your thoughts to focus on your goals.

Your actions should be inspired and not reactions based on your results.

Allow the ideas to come to you. Don't force it.


Energy follows attention.

Creating a vision for your team automatically directs their energy toward that vision and since everything in life is energy, that energy will materialize. And the vision will become real.


Don't complicate your team building, and don't only focus on training your team members on how to get Prospects and other trainings of that kind. 

Focus on training them on how to do the basic things in your company. 

Things like how to register their Prospects, how to repurchase products, how to withdraw their earnings, how and where to find stockist locations, different departments contacts eg. Customer care representatives, the accounting department, etc.

Let them understand the basic things in the company. 

These are the primary things you must train them on so that they can operate their business independently.

Many networkers ignore these primary things and move to secondary trainings which involve Prospecting, invitation, presentation, closing, and following up.

If you have been doing this I'll advise you to focus first on guiding them on the primary aspect of the business.

After showing them the basic things, you may want to guide them to the secondary aspects.


Since I understood the law of attraction, my concept of work has changed.

Working harder than everyone else on your team is not about working more externally but rather it should be internally.

According to my first mentor, he said: " work harder on yourself than you do on your business."

This isn't just a cute statement... It's a fact.

Anyone who understands the universal laws very well will affirm that in reality we are not expected to do anything consciously. 

We are only to decide what we want and allow our inspiration to lead us.

If you are serious about building your network marketing business like a pro you must develop yourself deliberately.

This shouldn't be done casually. You must be intentional about the number of books you are to be reading every month.

The more effort you put into developing yourself, the more positive results you will enjoy in your business and life.

I hope this training was helpful. Do you have any questions or contributions to this topic? If yes kindly leave a comment below I'll like to hear from you.

Till you hear from me again, keep on attracting great things to yourself.


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Prospecting is a major skill in network marketing. 

If you don't understand it, you won't only waste your time but you will equally waste your Prospect's time.

Although, many people usually mistake Prospecting in network marketing to mean invitation. Some people go as far as mistaking it for recruiting.

In simple terms, Prospecting is everything you need to do for your invitation to be successful.

Prospecting is very necessary because it helps you filter out unserious and untargeted Prospects.

In haste, you can be selling your Bible to a Muslim and your Koran to a Christian.

Prospecting enables you to know who to sell your Bible to and who to sell your Koran to.

Prospecting prevents you from wasting your time and your Prospect's time. It enables you to be productive by channeling your energy toward the Right Prospects.

Many networkers are doing a lot of busy work that is not Productive.

Don't confuse busy work with productive work.

If you are presenting your business opportunity or Products to a lot of people yet nobody is buying or joining you, you might be engaged in busy work.

Brain Tracy once said that "the very worse thing mostly in business is to do very efficiently what needs not to be done at all".

Many people are only busy without producing anything ... Don't let that be you.

This training will help you know how to Prospect in network marketing so that you don't only produce but have fun doing so.

Below are different prospecting ideas


This is a process of building credibility for your Prospects.

You know yourself very well and your achievements but other people see you as every other individual.

Just imagine the president of Nigeria disguising himself and traveling to an interior village where no one has ever seen or heard of him; I guarantee you, he will be treated like anyone else but once the villagers identify him as Nigeria's president, their conduct towards him will change.

When you grand yourself with your achievements and qualifications about your network marketing company, you magnify your words the more. Your Prospects will pay more attention to you than if you didn't reveal your identity.

Let me tell you a short story.

In 2019 I qualified for a car worth 12.5 million and I was made a director in one of my previous network marketing Companies.

I observed that during the presentation, any day I told Prospects about my achievements during presentation they always pay close attention and sign up for the business than days I didn't tell them about my achievements.

This is the power of letting Prospects know about your achievements.

People are moved by what they see, hear, taste, smell, and touch.

They are moved by their senses make sure you take advantage of this.


Your aim shouldn't be to recruit anyone instead your focus is to genuinely help your Prospects.

Consider every Prospect as your best friend.

When your focus is on helping your Prospects, your actions will reflect it and they will be open to your directives.

It's always said that people don't care about how much you know until they know how much you care.

When you focus on providing a solution to your Prospect's problems you are likely to win the person.


One effective way in building rapport is to genuinely compliment the prospect. 

This works better if you are Prospecting offline. 

Compliment instantly opens your Prospects up for any further discussion. The power behind a compliment is to make sure it's a genuine one.

There are other ways of building rapport one of those ways is to establish common grounds with the person... 

What do you have in common with the person.. once you identify this, bring it to the surface and start a conversation with him.

If done well, the Prospect will be open to any suggestion you present.


A Prospect's hot button is his key interest. 

Everyone has a reason for doing anything. They may or may not know this reason consciously but when analyzed, there's always a reason for the actions we take or don't take.

Your duty as a professional networker is to identify the main reason that will make your Prospect join or buy your products.

Once you identify this reason, you must emphasize it as often as possible.


We have two ears and one mouth for a reason. You are to listen more than you talk.

Listening to your Prospects won't only enable you to identify their objections and interest, but it equally presents you as a professional.

How would you feel if you visited a doctor and he started prescribing drugs for you without even listening to your problems?

Yes, you are right... You will see him as unprofessional and you probably will not be confident about his prescriptions.

But did you realize that many networkers do the exact thing?

Did you know that many networkers begin selling to their Prospects without even listening to their problems?

Understand: You are a consultant and you should act as such.

You must always ask questions and listen to your Prospect's answers with this, you will be able to offer good solutions and they will be more open to following your directives.


Open-ended questions are questions that will make your Prospect talk more. 

This enables them to speak on their fears and desires and you know how to handle them.

Questions that begin with WHAT, WHY, AND WHERE will help you come up with different open-ended questions.


Once you understand your product or service very well you will always be able to match your Prospect's problems with your products or Opportunity. 

You must be able to explain to your Prospect how your products or business opportunity will handle their problems.

Remember that your Prospects will never buy your products until they know WHAT IT'S IN IT FOR THEM.

In his book. The laws of human nature. Robert Greene mentioned that human beings are naturally selfish. They won't engage in anything that won't benefit them.

According to Brian Tracy in one of his pieces of training, he said that if someone doesn't buy your product it's either he is a wrong target or you haven't convinced them enough to buy". 

He equally said that if someone says let me think about it, the person is indirectly telling you that you haven't convinced him enough to buy immediately.

Always endeavor to show your Prospects how your products will solve their problems.


Don't force your decision on them.

When I was new to network marketing I was emotionally attached to the outcome. 

I was more interested in the referral Commission than providing a solution to my Prospect's problems and this usually results in me forcing my decision on them.

You don't want to do like I did during my early days in network marketing.

According to Charles Chima... a network marketing professional who said it must be PEOPLE BEFORE PROFIT.

If your Prospect decides not to check out your opportunity, buy or join immediately, respect their decision, and check back on them in the future.


All professional networkers know that in the network marketing business, there's what we call timing.

A Prospect may need your product or may be interested in joining your business but it may be the wrong time for him or her.

Timing doesn't only exist in network marketing but it exists in every aspect of life.

After my youth service, I met a girl whose love for me was unbelievable. I appreciated her love for me but the problem was that it was the wrong time because I was focused on getting my finances right.

The timing wasn't right for me and since I was concerned about getting my finances off the ground, I ignored the love.

Timing exists in every aspect of life and the network marketing industry isn't different.

Your Prospects might be interested in joining you but not at that moment this is why staying in touch with the person is essential.

Checking up on the person from time to time will make you be in the person's consciousness which will someday result in the person doing what you suggest.

These are some of my Prospecting ideas.  If you applied them, you will obtain great results.

Are these ideas helpful? Which one resonated with you the most? Comment below I'll like to hear from you.

Till you hear from me again live consciously.


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In reality, our industry becomes more interesting as you understand it.

I have never met any professional entrepreneur who speaks ill about the network marketing profession.

The truth is that anyone with an in-depth understanding of life knows that life is about growth. 

The good news is the network marketing industry is equally about growth.

You can't win in this industry without growing. Many people always resist the growth that this industry offers making them equally resist the success that comes with such growth.

You won't remain the same if you are committed to the industry. 

When you are committed to building your business, you will certainly change positively.

Today's training is about the magical ingredient for building a great network marketing team.

This ingredient is equally used in building any business or acquiring any position in life.

This ingredient is equally needed to get the right spouse, secure a great Position in your career and achieve anything in life.

This ingredient is everything...

People have different names for this ingredient. In my opinion, the name doesn't matter it's the understanding of the ingredient that matters.

Some days ago a new company was launched in my country ( Nigeria). One of the founders was a top leader in a six-year-old company... 

He resigned from that company to lunch this new one.

There were a lot of critics; many people said that he brought the same concept from his previous company to the new one and that because of this people won't join the business because they needed something new.

Different negative talks were all over the place but then irrespective of the fact that he brought the same old concept from his previous business to this new company. A few days after the lunch, The new company recorded over 6,000 Registrations.

The question is...

How was this possible? 

How was it possible that irrespective of using the same old concept people still Registered with his new company?

Many people usually think that an old concept that has been known by people can't be attractive in any way.

While this may or may not be true the reality is that the magical ingredient isn't about the concept. 

You can use an old concept and mix it with the magical ingredient and Excell.

Many people usually think that the secret is in selling the best product or being in the best MLM company. 

While this may or may not contribute to a networker's success, without the magical ingredient, the person won't succeed.


Don't be in a hurry to conclude that you know that word.

Read this article to the end and you will be glad you did.

In science, we have been made to understand that energy can neither be created nor destroyed. It can only be converted from one form to another.

If you think for a second, you will agree with me that everything in life is energy.

Let me break it down

Matter is anything that has weight and occupies space.

The smallest particle of matter is called an atom.

An atom consists of sub-particles known to be Protons, electrons, and neutrons.

These sub-atomic particles are all energy. so one can say that matters are energy.

If you want to look into the human system too, the smallest units are cells which are made up of atoms.

Everything in the universe could be traced back to energy.

Let this name not confuse you. You are free to call it anything you want.

Energy is the name used by scientists.

But then how is it the magical ingredient in building your network marketing business???

Let me explain...

Energy exists on different levels known as

Vibration, frequency, or consciousness.

Matter is energy in a particular vibration. Often said to be a lower state of vibration.

The physical things in the universe are nothing but the opposite side of the unseen.

Everything in the universe existed first in the mind of God or the mind of man.

For example, water is matter.

It's called water because of the vibration it exists. 

If that vibration is altered by refrigerating the water to zero degrees Celsius, you won't call it water again, its name will change to ice.

And when heat is applied.. maybe let us say you decided to heat the ice to above 100 degrees Celsius. 

The name will change to vapour and if you keep on heating it, the energy that was initially called water will be called air.

The same energy only changes from one form to another.

This means the vapour is the same thing as the ice they only differ in their energy levels.

The ideas you have are energy and they also exist on different levels of vibration.

Ideas are intangible energy. They move at a higher speed than other forms of energy.

Ideas can't be seen but they exist just as everything else.

Every idea in you alters your level of energy and exposes you to other energies on that level.

You can only be aware of ideas that are on the level that you are on.

Irrespective of what you want in your network marketing business if you are not on the same level of energy with your wants you won't have it.

Equally, irrespective of what you don't want, if you are on the same level of energy as what you don't want, you will eventually experience it.

Everyone in life exists on a particular energy level when related to a particular area.

When two People's energy levels are closely related, they end up becoming friends.

When your energy level is related to that particular cloth, you buy it.

This applies to everything in life including the type of car you buy, the type of house you live and the food you eat.

Your level of energy is the magical ingredient to having anything you want. 

Your growth in the network marketing business is dependent on your level of energy.

Everyone you recruit into your team is somehow connected to you just as all your friends are connected to you in one way or another.

The money you earn from your network marketing business is connected to your level of energy.

Your level of energy is based on your predominant ideas about a particular area of life.

If your network marketing team isn't growing, what you need to understand is that your result is the reflection of your energy level.

What you need to do is change your level of energy.

I will show you how to change your level of energy and if you did it, you will change your network marketing result as fast as possible.

Remember I said earlier that every idea alters your level of energy. And I also said that you will only see and get ideas that are on your energy level.

To change your level of energy, you must know the level you want to be on.

This means you must know the goals you want to reach.

Your goals are ideas once you know them and focus on them, they will determine your predominant level of energy and this will determine the ideas you keep getting which will equally alter your actions and your results.

Here's how to change your energy level.

write down your goals: know exactly what you want in your network marketing business and don't think for a second that you can't have it.

I know it's not easy but you need to believe that you can reach your goals. 

It's your belief that will attract more ideas to you and the activities you need to engage in to make those goals real.

This is very important. Remember your goals are ideas and ideas are energy. 

These goals will automatically raise your energy to its level.

Focus only on them. See yourself achieving it.

Do it continuously. 

It won't be easy at first mostly if you are far from the type of results you want in your business but by continuous effort, it's will become your predominant level of energy and your business will change.

This is the magical ingredient in building your network marketing business.

This ingredient can be used to achieve anything in life. By Understanding its power nothing can stop you.

If need be. Read this article over and over again until you understand the ideas presented here.

I hope you got value from the training.

Till you hear from me again, keep on attracting great things to yourself.


January 26, 2023 0


Welcome my fellow network marketing professionals.

We appreciate God that we are fortunate to be experiencing this year.

Since we are still here we have to live not just exist.

In today's training, I want to share two ideas with you that will help you grow faster in your network marketing business this year.

If you are just building your business based on luck and hope I can assure you that you will struggle.

This industry is strategic. 

You don't grow in it by luck or with hope. 

You grow intentionally.

If you have been getting your prospects by chance or luck, you don't have to continue that way this year.

You must know exactly what you are doing and be able to predict your results based on your knowledge.

These are The things to do this year to make It big in your network marketing business this year 2023.



I'll explain these two ideas below for proper understanding.


According to my first mentor who said that " successful people don't do extraordinary things, rather they do ordinary things extraordinarily well".

The above quote applies to the network marketing profession as well. 

During my early days in this industry, I thought that professional networkers were those that did extraordinary work in the business. 

But the truth is that they only do ordinary work extremely well.

Network marketing business can be as complicated as you want it to be. 

It can also be as simple as you make it to be.

If you don't understand the industry, you will end up struggling.

Since there is no one strategy for building a great network marketing business, I always advise all my team members to identify the less stressful ethical strategies they have used in past to recruit. 

Once they have identified those strategies, they should do more of them.

If you should analyze and reflect on your recruiting methods, you will be able to pick up the less stressful method that works best for you.

As for me, it's the online method and in the online space I use Google, Facebook, and WhatsApp. 

Because I know my best methods, I wouldn't waste my energy on street or mall prospecting. 

I wouldn't try to do what I'm not good at.

Identify the method that has worked for you in the past and spend time refining it. 

If you are new to network marketing and have not recruited anyone, you will have to try out different methods so that you identify the one that works best for you.

Every networker has an ethical stress-less way of recruiting. 

If you have been recruiting but can't identify yours then you have to analyze yourself properly.

If you have been building your business for years yet you are not growing as expected, don't look for another new training instead, look and analyze the strategies that have worked for you in the past and do more of that by reading more on that strategy. 

Doubling those activities and even following and watching people that are already successfully using that strategy will help you.


In my opinion, everything in life is about your vibration.

Your vibration is otherwise known as your frequency, consciousness, or your level of awareness.

You can't see things that are not on your frequency. 

Also, even if what you are looking for is very close to you, you won't see it because your eyes only see things that you are conscious of.

This is what I mean...

As a networker irrespective of how great you are if you don't feel like a millionaire, you won't have millions in your account.

To have something, you must first be something.

If you focus on earning millions in your business, Your vibration will make you see the things that you need to do to earn millions.

This has nothing to do with working hard, it's really about doing the right things.  And for you to see and do the right things, you must be on that frequency.

Let me ask you a question...

How many car dealerships in your state do you know? How many of these places have you visited?

If you are like most people, there is the possibility that you don't know the answer to the above questions. Why? Simply, you don't have any intention of buying a car.

There might be a car dealership very close to you but you may not know because you don't have any need for it.

Someone with an intention of purchasing a car might know all the car dealerships including the one that is very close to you in your state.

This means that the problem is not about the availability of anything, the problem is your intention, vibration, frequency, or consciousness of that thing.

Your vibration is based on what you focus on.

Even if you are great at inviting 100 people to your business seminar and you succeeded in doing so, if your focus is to earn little amount from your business, your focus on a little amount will sabotage your hard work.

In my network marketing adventure, I've come to realize that professional networkers have a very wonderful vibration... 

They believe that they are capable of earning millions in their business and because of their belief, they earn it. 

You only see and get what you focus on.

Even if they recruited only two people, those two will enable them to earn millions.

The difference is in the amount they choose to focus on. 

As it's written in the Bible as a man thinketh in his heart so is he.

Every thought determines your vibration and that vibration attracts other ideas of its kind.

My suggestion is for you to focus on the amount that you want to earn in your network marketing business 6 to 1 year from now.

Write down this amount, affirm it, visualize it and act as if you are already earning it. 

These actions will enable you to start believing in your goals and you will begin to see strategic steps to take to reach those goals. 

Just as a person with the intention to buy a car in your state will search, ask and read everything necessary to know all the car dealerships in your state, so will you search, read and ask about everything you need to do to reach your network marketing goals.

These actions will put you on the vibration that will make you see what others are not able to see. And because of this, you will do what others are not doing to get what others are not getting.

Hi guys these are the two ideas you need to make it big this year in your network marketing business.

I use these ideas to grow my network marketing team. If you applied them to your business, you will be shocked at how fast you will grow.

Was this training helpful? Do you have any questions or contributions to this topic? If yes kindly leave a comment below I'll like to hear from you.

Till you hear from me again keep on attracting great things to yourself.


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If your company crashes tomorrow what will you do?

What if you woke up tomorrow to hear that your company has crumbled due to bad Management by your top executives?

Have you prepared yourself against this inevitability as far as network marketing is concerned?

Network marketing companies crashing is a normal thing in our industry. This is a situation where a company ceases to operate due to one problem or another.

Many networkers are aware of this situation but in most cases, they fail to prepare themselves for it.

Due to lack of preparation for situations like this, many networkers have been defeated in their network marketing adventure.

While this topic may be a negative topic to write about the reality is that it's inevitable in our industry most especially in my country Nigeria.

I have experienced several setbacks in my network marketing journey due to my company going out of business because of wrong decisions by the management.

There was a company that crashed after I had reached the highest rank. This was a traumatic experience but I was able to get right back to business because I understood what I'm about to share with you in this training.

I have experienced this more than once and it always happens when I least expected it.

The reality is all network marketing Companies have in one time in their business experienced some setbacks... 

Some go out of business due to this so it's advisable to know what you can do to prepare yourself in case something like this happens to you.

Below are some ideas you should start working on immediately.

Don't behave like most networkers that will wait until they experience a disaster before making plans on what to do. Rather, dig your well before you become thirsty.

Start working on these ideas after reading this post and you will never be bothered about your company crashing or not.



It's easy to keep thinking that the money you are enjoying now in your network marketing business will remain that way. 

You may even think that your earnings will only keep on increasing since many people are joining your team.

Yes, this would have been true only if your company is managed by God.

Since your company is managed by humans, you need to know that anything can happen.

Even while it looks like everything is stable, you must understand that nothing stays the same forever. So to be on the safer side you want to create another source of income that can keep running even if your company goes down.

On a side note: creating another source of income doesn't mean that you should be the one managing the business. 

Every venture requires a certain amount of skill don't manage a venture you know nothing about else you will lose your money.

If you must manage the new venture by yourself, then ensure to obtain adequate training on how it works. You can get a mentor or partner with someone who knows the venture very well.

Creating another source of income is one way you can prepare yourself in case Your Company crashes. As you earn from your company invest the money in another business.


The savings I'm referring to here is a process of keeping your money with someone that will in turn return your money with interest after some time.

Different firms can help you do that.   Some insurance companies have very good policies.

You may want to research different unique platforms with good interest rates.

Saving your money for a reasonable number of years can fetch you a lot of money that might have not been possible. Also, by doing this you won't be stranded if your company goes out of business.


Network Marketing is also about personal branding. Prospects follow people, not Companies. 

It's easy for people to follow a great leader to a bad Company than to follow a naive networker to a great company.

Successful networkers know very well that building their brand is more advisable than branding your network marketing company this is why building your followers is important.

You never can tell what will happen to your company if you don't let people know where and how to connect with you mostly online while you are still with that company, you may not be able to influence them after the crash of your company because they won't be in your circle.

Let me tell you a story

In one of my businesses, I experienced this. If I didn't own many WhatsApp groups and a Facebook group for that business, I wouldn't have been able to inform my followers of the new business I was Promoting.

Though not everyone followed me to that new company a number of them joined me which was a great thing.

Without that, I would have started from scratch and they also would have missed working with me in the new company.

Building your followers is very essential in preparing yourself against any future trauma in your network marketing adventure.


Just as we have life careers, there are network marketing careers the reason is that network marketing is just like life.

The Network Marketing industry cuts across every aspect of life. This is why network marketing professionals seem to be multi-talented.

Personally, before I joined the network marketing Industry, I wasn't good at a lot of things.

I didn't know anything about blogging, lead generation, attraction marketing, motivation, inspiration, leadership, presentation, social media marketing, graphics design e.t.c

I wasn't good at doing any of these things but after a few years of staying in this industry, I've unconsciously learned all of them.

The truth is that if you are committed to building your network marketing business there's no way that you won't grow in different areas.

If you sat down to analyze yourself, you will be shocked at how many skills you've unconsciously picked up while trying to build your network marketing business.

It's advisable to identify one area in network marketing that you are passionate about and brand yourself with it.

This is what I mean...

Among all the things you have been doing in your network marketing business, pick one area and let other networkers know that you are good at doing that thing.

You want a situation where when they talk about for example; motivating networkers, they think of you.

You can decide to be known as

1) A networker that motivates 

2) Lead generation

3) Trainer on leadership

4) Trainer on team building

5) you can be known as an author in network marketing.


If you should analyze yourself, you will discover an area in which you are very exceptional. 

Develop yourself more in that area and project yourself as a trainer. 

By doing this, not only will people want to associate with you, they will equally pay for your skills. Being good in a particular area in your network marketing journey will prevent you from being stranded if anything happens to your company.

In conclusion

Protecting yourself against any future problem engineered by your Management isn't negativity rather it's wisdom.

Your company is managed by humans and you never can tell when they will let their ego get in the way or you never know when they will make wrong decisions based on limited information or knowledge.

You've got to protect yourself from situations like this else it might be too late.

There are other things you can do to prepare yourself in case Your Company crashes in the future but these were the ones that came to mind while writing this article. 

If you act on them they will help a lot.

I hope the training was helpful. If yes kindly let me know in the comments section... 

Until you hear from me again, keep on attracting great things to yourself.


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As a networker, you should be doing this every day no matter how busy you are.

Come to think of it our industry is a personal development industry with a compensation plan attached to it.

Today's training is about something you already know about. 

This idea is not only for networkers it's equally helpful for those in other professions.

I have suggested this idea to some new networkers their response always proves their success philosophy.

In today's training, not only will I share it with you, I'll equally give you some reasons why you need to be engaged in it and some wrong concept people have about it.

In life, you either succeed or fail just as it is in school.

When you are in school you are expected to learn everything you can about your course of study to pass your exams.

If you choose to be careless about your studies you will struggle and fail your exams.

Can you imagine a student passing his or her exams without reading his or her books?

This isn't possible in normal conditions.

Just as it's not possible for this to happen, so too with life...

Do you know that many people hope to succeed in life without knowing anything about life?

Do you know that from the moment you were born you were enrolled in the school of life?

How do you expect to succeed in life without being an active student of life?

The reality is that everything in life requires studies. Network Marketing business is no different. 

There are two ways of learning .... You either learn from your experiences or you learn from other people's experiences.

Life is too short to learn from only your experiences. You won't live long enough to experience everything before applying.

The wisest option is to equally learn from other people's experiences and one of the best ways to do that is by reading regularly.

As a networker reading should be an integral part of your life because you won't operate in your business above your knowledge. 

Reading regularly is another thing you must be doing as a networker.

I have suggested this idea to different networkers and once in a while some of them will come up with excuses like.

1) I don't have time

2) I don't have money to buy books

3) others succeed in their professions without reading.

Let's quickly analyze these three excuses.


I once told a networker that I read at least two books weekly. She replied that I read that much because I have time.

I smiled and clarified her jovially that I usually create time for it.

In Truth, we all have the same amount of time. when something is important to you, you will certainly create time for it.

In my opinion, it's not about having time, it's about making something a priority.

If you know the importance of reading you will create time for it.

Like Brian Tracy would say " there's not enough time to do everything but there's always enough time to do the most important things".


People don't always have money for unimportant things. 

No matter how great a thing is, if it's not important to me I'll not buy it. 

This is true with books. if it's not important to you, you will always say that you don't have the money to buy it... But wait a minute are you not aware of different websites that provide free ebooks and audiobooks? You can even download audiobooks from YouTube for free.

As one of my friends would say... "In an era where information is at our fingertips, ignorance is a choice"


This is another excuse that some people usually present. 

While it may be true that some people in most professions succeed without reading, you never can tell the method that the person is using to get new ideas.

Reading is just one of the ways you can use in learning about your profession. 

People use different methods, if they are not reading books, they might be obtaining physical trainings or maybe they might be in an environment that provides them with all they need to succeed.

 A thing is not always what it seems.

Often I always ask the people that use this excuse to mention one successful person that doesn't read..... In the end, it's always a vague notion.

People learn through different methods for the fact that someone is not with a book doesn't mean he/she isn't learning.

Let this excuse not make you think that regular reading isn't for you.

If you are a networker don't delude yourself, take charge of your business by reading books on network marketing, marketing, lead generation e.t.c daily and you won't bother about succeeding in your business.


The good news about network marketing is that you don't fail until you quit. Below are some reasons why you should be reading regularly.


From research, we've been made to understand that reading changes your mind.

Using MRI scans, researchers have confirmed that reading involves a complex network of circuits and signals in the brain. 

As your reading ability matures, those networks also get stronger and more sophisticated.


From research, it's been said that readers show a heightened ability to understand the feelings and beliefs of others. You can't be a good networker without having a better understanding of people's feelings.

Long-term reading has been seen to provide a heightened understanding of human emotions. 


It will be a little bit difficult to sell or recruit if you don't have the right word choice. Many professional networkers were not rich in vocabulary but as they engage in daily reading, they have been able to refine their vocabulary.


The National Institute on Aging recommends reading books and magazines as a way of keeping your mind engaged as you grow older. Network marketing professionals always look vibrant and smart this is because of great ideas running through their minds.


One of the most obvious benefits of reading every day is learning. 

unlike YouTube tutorial videos, books provide access to in-depth knowledge. You can learn more from books than from other materials.


Being able to concentrate and focus for long periods is essential to our success and wellbeing

"To remain valuable in our economy … you must master the art of quickly learning complicated things. This task requires deep work."

"Deep work is the ability to focus without distraction on a cognitively demanding task. 

It's a skill that allows you to quickly master complicated information and produce better results in less time. 

Deep work will make you better at what you do and provide the sense of true fulfillment that comes from craftsmanship."

The good news is that reading enables you to focus.


One of the advantages of reading books is that it can improve your memory.

When you read about any new idea, the

 information creates new memories. And every new memory creates synapses or strengthens old ones.


Reading is entertaining mostly when reading on a subject that aligns with you.


This effect of reading is perhaps one of the most exciting and interesting: It turns out that the health benefits of reading can help us live longer.

A 12-year study on health and retirement found that those who read books survived around two years longer than those who didn't read books or read magazines and other forms of media. 

Additionally, those who read for 30 minutes a day (3.5 hours per week) were 23% more likely to outlive those who didn't read often.

Pretty cool, right?

As noted above, reading is a great way to exercise our brains to make us smarter and sharper. However, the knock-on effect of this is that reading also helps prevent age-related cognitive decline.

All in all, when you read every day, not only will you retain your mental abilities and live longer but you will have new ideas regularly to implement in your network marketing business. 

Reading daily shouldn't be optional, it should be compulsory for any networker who wants success in his or her business

Do you have any question or contribution to this topic? If yes kindly leave a comment below I'll like to hear from you.


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You may still return to the bottom after succeeding in network marketing if you don't understand this secret

Although the network marketing Industry is a great industry and a unique one the problem is always with Companies and networkers...

I can hear you say but who are the people that make up the industry?

Yes even if network marketing companies and networkers are the people that make up the network marketing industry, there's an ideal standard for the industry.

The industry standard is what every company is striving to attend.

The standard is unique and that is what every company and networker sells to Prospects.

Although they sell this standard to Prospects, they themselves are not the standard, they are only letting you know what they are striving for.

They are equally striving to reach this standard and oftentimes, Many companies fall below this standard to the point of going out of business.

In one of my blog posts I've listed out the ideal projection of the network marketing industry but today's training isn't about that so I won't go into it.

Today's training is basically about another deep truth that you ought to know.

Those that follow my Trainings know that I don't sugarcoat things, I tell it like it is.

The ideas in this training may not be what you want to hear but I can't help.

The ideas here are based on my years of experience in this industry as a Nigerian.

These ideas may be different in other countries but as far as Nigeria is concerned, these have been my observations.

During my early days in this industry, my upline sold the ideal projection of the network marketing Industry to me. 

It made a lot of sense and that was why I gave in.

He said things like 

You will be able to earn money while you sleep...

You will be able to earn huge amounts of money by leveraging other people's experiences, time, and energy.

He equally told me about becoming a better person in the process of earning money with my phone. And lots more.

All these exciting views about our industry are real and accurate.

These are the things that our industry offers but here's the truth you are likely not going to attend them even if you are a great networker in Nigeria.

I'm not saying that Nigerians are not living the ideal network marketing projection... They are. Is just that only a few people live it.

Remember at the beginning of this post I told us that this industry is unique but the issue is always with Companies and networkers.

The company you are promoting is managed by individuals that are equally trying to figure out how to meet the ideal projection of the industry.

If they fail, they will halt your attainment of experiencing the ideal projection of the network marketing profession.

The truth that I want you to come to terms with here is that you may not experience the ideal projection of this industry as it's preached.

The reason is that your company's management must be outstanding at their work for you to experience all these things.

You may experience these projections in bits and pieces but not as smoothly as it's usually projected during seminars.

Have you heard words like this during seminars?

"You will be able to make money while you sleep, travel to any country you want, meet new motivated friends, Eat your breakfast in your country, travel to another country for your lunch, and return to your country for dinner".

Have you heard things like "you will be able to relax on the beach while making money every minute"?

The above projections sound like things that will happen simultaneously, it sounds as if once you start making money in your company, other events like traveling around the world will follow one after another.

While these projections are true about our industry, in all my years in this industry it doesn't flow like that.

It's not as if it wouldn't have been that way but we are dealing with imperfect Management.

 humans are not perfect with their ideas, your Management can easily mess up the ideal network marketing projection for you. 

This is what I mean

You can start making good money and traveling from one country to another and suddenly, your company goes out of business because of the wrong move by the company's CEO.

You may be earning good money while you sleep as a result of building your team and suddenly the economy strikes your company to the point that your team members leave that business or worse your company goes out of business which will require you to go to another company or start building a new team again.

Here's the truth 

In Nigeria, you must be smart enough to know how to diversify your income when your business is going well because anything can happen at any time.

This is the reality.

I have enjoyed the ideal projection of network marketing business during the past years but it's been in bits and pieces.

In one of my businesses, I was already on a higher rank when the management had issues.


I was already enjoying an ideal projection of the network marketing industry and suddenly I found myself in a situation where I needed to start afresh because of a wrong decision by the company management.

I don't know much about the duration network marketing companies last in other countries before experiencing a downward spiral but from my observation most network marketing companies in Nigeria last only for 5 years before experiencing a downward movement.

I'm not saying that it's not possible to experience an ideal network marketing projection in Nigeria ... You can ...... some companies have been in Nigeria for over 15 years. 

They are still in business and giving their distributors the ideal experience of the network marketing industry.

The only issue here is that Companies like these are not rampant.

Since I joined this industry some of the companies I've been with are no longer in operation while some that are still in operation are on the edge of extinction.

During my early days in this industry, I didn't consider this difficult truth because I was told that I was the only variable.

I was made to understand that Companies, compensation plans, and Products will be there for life and that I was the only determining factor in succeeding in the business.

While this may be true in most companies, in a larger percentage of companies in Nigeria it isn't true.

The company, compensation plan, Products, Registration fee, management e.t.c may change anytime.

Even if you are a good networker, you can still experience setbacks in your business based on other factors you can't control.

This is the truth I want you to get out of this business article.

Once you have this truth at the back of your mind, you will know how to excel in your network marketing adventure.

This explanation should make you understand that you can reach a certain financial rank in your business and your company will destabilize your finances based on their wrong decisions, if you weren't aware of this, you are likely to be stranded in the middle of nowhere.

Build your network marketing business and have it in mind that if anything can happen, it will.

Earn and invest in other projects and Never rely on your company mostly if you are building your business in Nigeria.

In summary

There's no permanent company. Nothing will last forever. Although, some things end too soon than we expected.

Always know that your current company may not be the company to give you an ideal network marketing projection.

Always be smart to be flexible in your network marketing adventure. 

Persist until you meet a unique company.

Make the rest of your life the best of your life.

I hope you got value from this training...

Do you have any question? If yes kindly leave a comment below I'll like to hear from you.