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In today’s article, I will be shearing with you some vital information about network marketing business that may be the reason why most networkers are struggling in their network marketing companies.

This article will shift your mind and your thoughts so that you really understand what you should be focusing on and how to do your MLM business in a right way.

The first time that I was introduced to network marketing business, no one cared to tell me most of these things and it would have benefited me a lot if I had a pre information about them.

I wouldn’t want you to go through the stress I went through before figuring out these. That is why I am shearing this information so that you start applying it immediately in your network marketing business.

You know lack of proper information will eventually make you to be wasting your time on irrelevant things …. 

Yes, I was doing my business using a wrong approach too, so we have all been there, I wasn’t really able to figure out how to do the business or what the business was all about.

One thing about network marketing business is if you are unable to know and understand some basic things, it will be difficult for you to know what to do and how to do it. So I will be exposing you to few things in this article so that you know how to do your business and how to do it in a right way.


Why you may be struggling with your network marketing business 

What you need to understand is that in network marketing business there are networkers already that understand network marketing. 
These people believe so well in network marketing industry and they are only looking for a good company to join.
So, you have to know that those are the kind of people you should be looking for, you are not actually looking for people who doesn’t really understand anything about network marketing industry. But it doesn’t mean that if you found a prospect who is willing to join and learn how the industry works you shouldn’t teach the person ….
certainly you should but note that you are not actually looking for people who don’t understand network marketing business.
Your aim is to get people that understand the industry not people that will come around to ask you questions like

Is this a scam??? Or are you sure this thing will work???

…..Of course you know what I am talking about.
So you want to check on people who already understand the industry and believe in network marketing business. 

Yes, there are people like these, I am not telling you that there may be people like that but I am letting you know that there are hundreds and thousands of passionate people who are ready to join you in your network marketing business, they are only searching for a good network marketing company. if your network marketing company is a good one, it’s now for you to present yourself like an authority, when these people come to you, they will search for you and eventually ask about what you are doing. Once they understand your opportunity, and they trust and believe in you, they will join you.

you have to understand that there are people looking for your business to join, stop running after people with little or no passion for network marketing industry let alone your company.

The passionate people are the kind of people that you need, these are the type of people that you want to introduce your business to, these are the type of people that will come and build your business for you, these are the people you should position yourself as an authority for so that when they come, they can join you and these people don’t ask much questions because they already understand the industry and they believe in it.

They are not negative, they are goal getters, once they join your business, they build the business for you, you don’t need to stress yourself. Start looking for this group of people today.

I made this video for you to really understand this concept. Kindly go through it 

Timing problem

The next set of people that you have to know is that there are people who want to join you in fact, they are ready to join you but the timing isn’t right for them. You’ve got to put timing into consideration, you want to ensure that you stay Intouch with them until the time is right for them to join you. 

This means you have to always stay consistence in what you are doing.
You shouldn’t do it today and ignore the next day, you must get pass excitement and have a committed mindset, the mindset that brings all heart desires to manifestation.

This means that you must see your work as a responsibility, you must understand that you need to be consistent. 

With this, these people whose time are restricting them from joining you, whenever their timing is right, they will certainly join you.

Quality people

Another thing that you have to understand is that you only need at least five passionate people like you in order for you to be successful in your network marketing business. 

when you are set to recruit people into your business, you don’t really need crowd in order to become successful. You only need 5 or 4 passionate people in your team.

Here is it, one Bill Gate is better than a thousand of unproductive folks. That is what you have to know because most people in our industry always feel that the network marketing business is really about recruiting the whole world into their team…. 

No, that is not what you want to do. You only need 5 or 4 passionate people who are interested in the network marketing industry, people who are interested in doing what they are supposed to do, who are interested in making a living out of network marketing business. Those are the kind of people you are looking for and you have to understand that you only need 5 of them, these five people who are quality will make you a multi-millionaire.

During my initial days in network marketing business, I was thinking that I needed to recruit so many people in to my team before I become successful, I didn’t know that one quality person can make me a millionaire.

Though, It may take you like three months to have one of such people, it may take you a month or even 5months to have one of those quality people and even if it should take you like 5months to have one of such persons, it worth it.

The catch here is that you have to grow and do the business in a professional way because it is only when you do your business professionally that you will start attracting such people. 

Remember you are looking for quality people to introduce to your business so that they build your business for you, you are not looking for unproductive people this means that there won’t be any need of bringing a thousand clients into your team who are not ready to build the business. 

You need people that will eventually do the business.

So guys those are the things that some folks in our industry are missing and you are lucky you’ve been exposed to it today
Was this post helpful?? Ill like to hear from you.

Question for you: how many passionate people do you have in your team???

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