What is the reason for boldgains International rapid growth ? Is boldgains Nigeria real or is it a scam? 

Let me expose this company.


I just hope I won't get into trouble doing this...

It's been awhile I've not shared any truth about Network Marketing. In the second to the last live training I had here, I explained why I said that your network marketing company isn't helping you , they are only your business partners... I gave my reasons.

Today I want to expose this company so  that you know else you may struggle unnecessarily in your network marketing adventure.

Back then I was always teaching that you are the only determining factor as regards your success in network marketing business. if someone jumps from my company to another one in most cases, I'll tell the person that it doesn't matter they company they joined , I will go ahead to ask the person if it's not the same recruiting that they will be doing in the new company they are running to.

Yes it's true we contribute largely to our success in MLM industry but our companies also determine how fast we succeed.

I know this may be strange to hear.... But keep calm I'll explain in a second...

Your company contributes 40% to the rate at which you succeed in network marketing business.

Few days ago I experimented this with a new company that just lunched.

I saw that in less than a month of their official lunch everyone was talking about them and my friend who partnered with the company was already earning 10 million Naira in 49 days ... 

No .... My friend isn't a super recruiter, it's just that there was something the company was doing differently that assisted all members...

Ok... lets proceed...

It was surprising, I thought to myself what the company was doing that they gained such momentum within a very short period of time. 

I studied the company's compensation plan and other related things and compared them with other competitive companies.... To my amazement there wasn't any huge difference except some benefits.

I was curious about their momentum and was interested in what they were doing.

I knew that they were doing something different...

I also knew that the only way to know better about this company was to be in their circle ( become a member) which I did.

Let me quickly say this... I sometimes register into different businesses just to know how the management thinks ...

So lets proceed..

I reached out to my friend who is the company's representative and Registered. After my Registration, I requested to be added to their Leaders group. In their leaders group I got to know their Marketing manager. Then I started observing their  movement through the activities of their Marketing manager.

To cut the long story short, I discovered the secret to their massive growth in less than a month of their official Lunch.

Here's is what I discovered...

I realized that this company was heavily involved in marketing it's brand. The management did not leave the marketing and brand promotion to the distributors alone.

Let me expose  you to what most companies do .... Most Network Marketing companies stop Marketing and branding itself immediately after the official Lunch of the company.

The Managements and the CEO automatically stop  branding immediately after the lunch the company and leave it for The distributors alone.

In my opinion that is a very wrong thing to do.

Most companies don't have official promotional videos, images, sounds e.t.c from the beginning of their business. They sometimes do this later though...but  that is after a concept has been built by the market about them..

This is what I mean

In most cases the only promotional materials you will see about some companies are the ones made by distributors.

What these companies don't know is that these distributors don't really have the finances to put out  quality branding materials out there. In situations like this, the available becomes the standard... This ends up reducing the perception that prospects have about a particular company.

Once a concept has been formed about the company you are promoting be it good or bad, you will live with it.

Also most companies immediately after the lunch, they automatically stop Marketing their brand. 

The only marketers you will see are the distributors that are trying to recruit... 

There are two types of marketing in network marketing. 

1) Marketing for brand awareness

2) Marketing for recruitment.

The first one should be done by the company while the second one should be done by distributors

But do you know that the first one determines the rate of the second one???

Let me explain..  the first one is the reason why the second one should work.

Brand awareness makes recruiting easy for distributors.

When you prospect someone, apart from the benefits the person will get from your business the next thing that will make the person to join you is the perception that he/she has about your business. (effect of Branding)

That is why I told you initially that your company contributes 40% to your rate of success in the business.

Most companies are not doing that first one. They automatically leave both for the distributors. And if you are in a company that is not doing that first one, then you have alot of work to do.

If you are in a company that is doing what they should be doing, then recruiting will be very easy and fun for you.

This is the secret why this new company was able to capture the market within a very short period of time.

This is also the secret how my friend who is the company's representative in my country was able to earn 10 million in 49 days.

I'm still studying their mode of operations. Though I've earned some good money in the process but the intriguing part is their secret for growth. 

I'm likely to keep updating you as it goes... under probability...but for now, I have to stop here.

Till you hear from me again.. live consciously and make life an exciting adventure.

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