One time waster in network marketing business

The one-time waster in network marketing business

In today’s article, I want to expose you to the one time waster in our industry.

You know once you are in network marketing industry, you must be able to accumulate a lot of ideas in order to know how to shape your actions for success in our industry.

one thing I have come to realise is that  one time waster in network marketing industry is not really about your prospects, it is mostly about your team members.

There are many people that will join your team and will assure you of their commitments, they will say things like….

I am really interested in making money,

I am interested in changing my life,

I am willing to put in the work so as to succeed in the next two months,

I am interested in working this business so that I create more time for myself.  

Does these statements sound familiar?? I have heard them severally from people. They will say all these.....

But after a while you will see their activities different. That means their words will be different from what they will be doing.

This means that you shouldn't waste your time on such people, you have to concentrate with people that deserve your time and not people that needs your time.

you should operate like nature which only reward those who deserve not necessarily those who need.

The best concept to use while analyzing those who will deserve your time is to implement this;

when once you recruit someone into your team, you want to engage the person with an assignment, tell the person what to do, if the person completes the first assignment, follow it up with something else until the person is able to recruit someone too.

Once this your new recruit is able to recruit someone into the team the next thing you are to do is to go work with the new person until the person also is able to bring in someone into the team.

Keep on repeating this process and you will be amazed how fast your team will grow and how you will be able to create a good team culture consisting of vibrant team members.

What you have to understand is that there are three things a person needs in order to succeed in network marketing business.

These include;

1)The person has to be hungry.

2)The person has to be coachable.

3)The person has to be willing to work.

Go through this video to understand better

Most people are not hungry enough to succeed in network marketing business neither are they coachable let alone willing to work.  
They may only talk about the success, but won’t be ready to do the necessary things to guarantee their success. So you have to be on a look out on such people because you may end up not only wasting your resources on them but you may end up wasting your precious time on them.

Yes I have encountered this ……. You certainly have to only work with people that are willing to work. Don’t be more interested in making a person to be successful more than the way the person wants for himself.
Work only with those that deserve your time not those that need your time.

 you have to keep on engaging your team members, tell them what to do and how to do it. Inspire them with your actions and motivate them with your words and the ones that are willing to move with you, move with them too.

Don’t forget the process of tap rooting, that is working with every new member that joins your team. Because as you keep on doing this, at some point, you will encounter some new members that will be hungry, coachable, and willing to work.

If you are able to have like 5 people who are passionate about the business like you, you will be sure of building a massive team and you will certainly start making money while you sleep.

Now you've gotten the one time waster in our industry go and implement it so that you rock your business.

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