I was in higher institution when I started searching out different online businesses I could engage in to make money daily. 

At first it wasn't a serious thought but then, I  heard about how people were making money online, it was exciting to hear this I wanted to know how . This was after I  left the first network marketing company I was promoting. 

It's always a great thing to search for better ways to improve our lives mostly our finances. 

I want to congratulate you for your interest to know how you can improve your finances as a Student. 

Be rest assured because not only will you learn about different online businesses that pays daily in Nigeria, you will equally understand different Online businesses that pays directly to your local bank account.

According to statistics   this year 2022, "Nigeria has nearly 84 million internet users. This figure is projected to grow to 117 million internet users in 2027. The internet penetration amounted to over 38 percent of the population in this 2022 and is set to reach 48 percent in 2027".

What does this statistics show ? It simply means that online business from home will keep on booming because internet users are increasing on a daily basis and the higher the percentage of internet users the higher the opportunities for Online business owners in the world and even in Nigeria to make money.

Your ability to position yourself in any online business you intend to participate,  the greater the percentage of income you are likely to secure.

In this article, I'll explain different online businesses in Nigeria you can do as a student.

#1. eCommerce

You can sell things on the internet and get paid, all you need is a website. Once the site is up and running, you can list the product and start selling it. As you will grow the traffic, the sell will automatically grow. If you can't own your personal website, you can research for different e-commerce websites. there are different e-commerce websites in Nigeria that you can use to sell

#2. Blogging

Blogging is another great Online business for students. It's involves writing articles.

Start a blog on a niche of your expertise and get traffic from search engines as well as social media sites. I would strongly recommend starting a blog on a topic that you are passionate about. Once you start getting some traffic, apply for Google Adsense program. Once approved, you can start making anywhere between $60 – $120 a month. As your site’s traffic will grow, the earning will grow too. 

#3 Manage Social Media Profiles

There are alot of celebrities, high profile people, small and medium size business owners that are looking for individuals like you to manage their social media accounts. You can earn alot of money by managing their accounts for them. Also, Some of them are not really aware of the positive impact their visibility on social media platforms will have on their business. This means most of them don't even know that they can skyrocket their businesses by being visible on social media. If you are able to expose these ones to these advantages, you will never run out of cash.

All you need to do is to acquire the necessary digital marketing skills to help you succeed.

#4. Sell Photos Online

Are you passionate about taking photos ? Then there is a chance of making a great income by selling your photos on the internet. There are different photo sharing sites where you can upload your photograph & make money from each & every download

#5. Sell financial products

You can sell insurance, mutual funds, and business and personal loan packages online like an offline agent. Banks and other financial service providers are ready to share a commission with you if you send them leads. You can create a product comparison website which could help users select the product that best suits their needs after which you can then sell to them

#6. Online Teaching

If you are passionate about teaching what you know then you may want to consider this option. It's simple ; you will have to produce short videos of about 5 - 10 minutes and upload them to any of these learning websites e.g Udemy, Teachable and skillshare. You get paid for each student that enrolls for your course.

Some Online skills you can teach people depending on your passion include:

  • Coding
  • Excel skills
  • Communication skills
  • Adobe Photoshop skills
  • Photography skills
  • Writing skills
  • Chatbot development
  • Search engine optimization
  • Budgeting
  • Project management
  • Public speaking
  • Social media marketing
  • Leadership skills
  • Microsoft Access skills
  • Typing skills
  • Email marketing
  • Video production skills
  • Podcasting skills
  • Microsoft Word skills
  • Accounting skills
  • Human resources
  • Resume skills. E.t.c

#7. Forex & Crypto Trading

These two businesses are high risk businesses and equally rewarding. If you have understanding of the exchange market you will thrive in these businesses. It's always advisable to learn completely how they work and start with little investment. Getting a mentor who is already successful in these lines of businesses is always a better option.

#8) Affiliate Marketing

Affiliate marketing is another great Online business that alot of Nigerians are taking advantage of now. It's one of the simplest model of businesses on this list. Affiliate Marketing is a situation where you refer people to buy someone else's products or services in return you earn Commission.

In some Affiliate platforms it's free to join while in some you've got to purchase one of their products. All you need to succeed in this model of business is your understanding of quality lead generation. 

#9) Buy products in bulk and sell them online

You can buy Products in bulk and sell them individually for a profit.

Peradventure, you sudently found a great product that is in line with what you are selling, you may want to buy it in bulk and sell it online.


This list won't be completed without network marketing business. Network Marketing also known as multilevel Marketing business is a business model where you earn money by referring people to join or buy a Company's Product or services. It can be done online or offline and it requires little capital to begin.

All you need to succeed in this line of business is your willingness to learn how it works. Stay committed to implementing what you learn and remain optimistic about your success.


Below are some Online businesses that don't require any form of Registration. Most of the businesses below have been mentioned above but they are equally included below because you can start them without any form of Registration. 


Video Marketing equally known as vlogging is a great business you can start in Nigeria without any Registration fee.

With the consistent increase of internet users, alot of people learn new things on the internet by watching videos. If you are passionate about creating video contents to share your passion, this could be a great business for you. There are different platforms you can do this on but the most popular platform is YouTube.

Go to your play store and download YouTube app and you can begin uploading your contents. 
Like every businesses, you have to learn how it works in order to start making good money from it. Just stay committed to your work and learn everything you can as you grow and you won't worry about succeeding at it.


Alot of people in life are struggling with their bodily and mental health, these ones would be glad to pay anyone who has solution to their problems.

If you had encountered a problem in the past then overcame it, and you are able and willing to show other people how to overcome such problem , you may want to look into this line of business. 

Becoming a motivational speaker doesn't require any form of Registration all you need is to how to communicate your story in a way that will give your audience hope and solution. Working on your self is key to becoming a great motivational speaker.


This is a process of creating and packaging your ideas inform of an ebook, video or audiobook then sell it to people that needs the solution that your ideas provide.

This is one of the easiest businesses you can start without any capital. The reality is that everyone is good at something. Although, in most cases we often overlook most of the things we do with ease . 

Sit down and think about that thing you do easily that other people find it difficult to do. Think of the last information or the last problem that you were able to help someone solve and consider packaging that information as an ebook, audiobook or a video training. You can make alot of money by simply doing this.


This is a strategic way of making money with ease. This is the idea behind skits making. If you are good at entertaining people in one way or the other, you can decide to consciously share your contents with your audience continuously. As you do this, more people will start following your channel.

You can build a following on any social media platform that you choose. As your followers grow you can then decide to charge businesses, brands and other individuals to Advertise to your audience.


This is one of the businesses you can do in Nigeria without a Registration fee though some Affiliates platforms are not free to join but there are alot of them that are free to join.

Affiliate marketing is promoting other people’s products in return for a commission for each sale. 

You will have to search for a good Affiliate platform and a good product that aligns with you. The key concept in Affiliate Marketing is lead generation and sales. You've got to master these skills if you really want to excel in this line of business.


This is another line of business you can start in Nigeria without any Registration fee. Blogging is a process of writing and posting articles on the internet with the intention of getting noticed by your target audience.

Alot of Nigerians are bloggers and they are earning good money from it. You can create a free blog and start writing about what you are passionate about. When you have started generating a reasonable number of traffic to your blog, you can apply for Google AdSense when it's approved, you can start earning money from there. 

To function effectively as a blogger you need to have a basic understanding of search engine optimization.

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