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July 15, 2019 0


Trust you are rocking your network marketing business ?
Like it's always said, if you are not having fun in our industry you ain't doing it right.

Network marketing industry is for people who love life. It's for happy people.

If you embrace network marketing very well you will always be excited every morning when you wake up. The industry will possess you that you will be operating in a different frequency all the time.

Ok lets quickly jump into today's training.
If you want to enjoy this industry very well, you've got to always reflect back to when you started your network marketing adventure. It may be in a different company or it may be in your current company but the point is that you've got to always reflect on when you started. 

Two days ago I was reflecting on when I started my network marketing adventure and something struck me. I realised that if I had embraced the information I learned then I would have benefited alot because those concepts are still working.

I will like to shear something with you that I learned during my early days in my network marketing career.

My sponsor then helped me by recommending some good materials to me which was one of the greatest things he did for me.


Eric is one of the network marketing professional that I cherish so much. I have never met him before but I have tremendous respect for him. He has impacted alot of lives in our industry and his 7 steps to becoming a network marketing professional audio book was what kept me going during my early days in network marketing adventure.

Though there are great tips in that audio book but I'll only share the section of inviting prospects in today's training.

There are different approaches you can use when inviting a prospect offline to take a look at your business presentation but to me I think Eric's approach is the most comprehensive approach I have been able to find.
I am not giving you the script in that audio book, I only want to shear the philosophy behind the script so that you use it while inviting your prospects.

4) ASK IF I......., WOULD YOU?

1) BE IN A HURRY : As a professional networker, you don't want to drag around and waste anyone's time no one likes that. You want to be in a hurry so that you go do something else moreover, your prospects will respect you for that and they will know you are a serious minded person.

2) COMPLIMENT THE PROSPECT; people hardly receive compliment that is why they are always open when ever they receive a sincere compliment from someone. The idea here is for you to look for a unique thing about the person and compliment him or her. It shouldn't be fake. Once you do this the prospect will be extremely open to what you have to say.

3) MAKE THE INVITATION: Although in that audio book, there are different ways of inviting prospects depending on the type of prospect.

e.g you don't invite your close friend like you will invite your uncle, neighbour, or your pastor . But the concept is raising the person's curiosity that will make him or her to be more interested in what you have to offer. 

E.g I have found a way for us to make some extra money ....
E.g 2 do you know someone that will be interested in making some extra money?
E.g 3 I have started a new business will you like to check it out and give me your own opinion?? 
E.g 4 my company is expanding at your location, will you like to check it and let me know if it will succeed there?
There are many examples but the idea behind it is that you raise the person's curiosity enough that they will ask what are you talking about.
The examples above are different examples you can use depending on the type of prospect. You can use anyone that will suit the situation.
Here is what I mean. You won't tell your "senior" uncle " I have discovered a way for us to make some extra money but you can tell your close friend. Nevertheless, you can tell your uncle that you have just started a new business and that you will like him to check if it's a good thing for you.

Remember the goal is for your prospect to see your presentation.
Once you have completed your invitation, you move to the next step

4) IF I......., WOULD YOU?
This is a secret question that places you as an authority. You are giving your prospect a condition that unless they are ready to do a particular thing you won't do it either.

E.g goes thus ; if I directed you to a website, will you check check it out??
E.g2 if I handed you a CD that contains all the information you want, will you watch it? 
E.g 3 if I invited you to a seminar will you come?
E.g 4 if I sent you an audio explanation will you listen to it?
All these are examples, like I said earlier, you should use them depending on the situation.
After asking IF I, WOULD YOU, Move to the next step.

5) GET A TIME COMMITMENT: This step is nothing much, it's just to ask the prospect when he or she will do what they said they will do.
You shouldn't suggest the time for them let them tell you when will be convenient for them to check the website or watch the video e.t.c

Here are some examples 
Eg1 so when exactly do you think you will check the website??
Eg2 when do you think you will watch the video?
Eg3 when do you think you will listen to the audio explanation?
Once they tell you the time, move to the next step.

6) CONFIRM THE TIME COMMITMENT: You are only to confirm that they are really  sure of the time they've set.

Here is an example 
If they told you that they will watch the video explanation on Monday, your response should be; so if I called you by Tuesday so that we talk about what you've seen you must have seen it for sure right??

Eg2 if the person said that they will visit the website on January 1st your response should be; so if I come to your office on January 2nd you must have gone through it for sure right??

The essence of confirming the time is to get the appointment locked into their subconscious mind so that they do what they said they will.

70% of prospect won't do what they said they will do so the time confirmation is necessary.

Once they answer yes to your question, the next thing you are to do is to get off the phone. if it was a physical invitation, You are to thank this person and leave.

Most networkers normally talk their prospects into the business and still talk them out of the business.
You are not to say anything further after the second confirmation just thank the person and get off the phone if it was on phone. If it was a physical invitation, just thank the person and leave.

This technique may look complicated but it's something you can do within 5 minutes and if you practice it often you will be really good at it.
I'll organise everything and give few examples so that you know how everything works.
Example if I want to invite my close friend on the phone here is how it goes;
E.g1 (I'M IN A HURRY) hello John ; I don't have a lot of time but I needed to talk to you real quick. (I'M COMPLIMENTING THE PROSPECT) You are such an amazing friend of mine that is why I want to show you what I've discovered recently. (I'M MAKING THE INVITATION) Will you like to be involved in a business that won't distract you from what you are doing but capable of replacing your full time income?? 
He will say yes, 
then you proceed ; there's a great platform that guarantees that. (IF I....., WOULD YOU?) If I directed you to their website will you check it out??
He will say yes 
Then you proceed; (GET A TIME COMMITMENT) when exactly will you be chance to check it?
He may answer tomorrow.
Then you proceed with; CONFIRM THE TIME COMMITMENT) so if I reach you by next tomorrow so that we talk about what you have seen you must have visited the website for sure right?
He will say yes 
(GET OFF THE PHONE) thanks very much. 

 That is how it goes 

The idea here is to understand the philosophy behind this approach. 
Set as many appointment as possible so that when you get back to them you are going there to close the prospect.

Though these are few examples but there are alot of examples in the book titled Go pro ( 7 steps to becoming a network marketing professional) by Eric worre.

Final thoughts 
Don't focus much on the exact script, only focus on understanding the philosophy behind it. The main reason for invitation is to raise your prospects curiosity so that he or she gets to see your presentation.

Was this post helpful? Have you been using any of Eric's script, how have Eric impacted your life kindly comment below.
Kindly shear this article if you enjoyed it thanks.


July 12, 2019 0


I'm super excited today because I've got another idea to shear with you today.

In our last training I pointed out why you should own a blog for your business be it free one or a paid one. 

I was able to point out few things you can do with a blog to get you in front of thousands prospects
In today's training I'll be shearing with you how to keep your blog alive.
I was advising one of my business partners in my seminar centre at my place on advantages of owning a blog if he wanted building his network marketing business online.

Guess what his answer was???
" I don't think I can do it, i hate writing and it may take a long time to start seeing results".

That was his response... yea I couldn't agree with Him less. Many people won't begin a blog because no one enjoys writing all the time. But the truth is that if you intend to build a great team online, you have to learn how. Because money is in content.
In this training you will learn how to keep your blog Alive by publishing content regularly.

Firstly you've got to know that network marketing business is a profession on its own and if you want to earn millions from this industry, you've got to treat it as such. You've got to become a professional.

Becoming a professional simply means learning everything you can about network marketing industry and the only way that you will devout your time to learning everything you can is when you understand that you will be doing network marketing until you die.

With this mindset you will always be exposed to different network marketing trainings and information and your duty is to transfer these trainings to those you have brought into your team.
You can train your team through different ways either in a group chat on WhatsApp, Facebook page, groups, YouTube channels , blog post , forums e.t.c
But keeping it in perspective, if you are training your team members using a WhatsApp group chat, you are expected to copy your trainings and blog about them same thing with a live Facebook training, you may decide to transcribe it and blog about it.

It's simple. Here is how to go about it 
Train your team members once a week, copy your trainings edit it and publish on your blog 
Here are the benefits when you adopt this technique;
1) your team members will always be inspired and motivated as a result of your trainings.
2) you will transfer your enthusiasm to your team members to do more in their network marketing business. 
3) the only way you retain most of the information you have learned is by teaching, so teaching your team members all you have learned,  will make you retain alot of information in the process.
4) you will always have what to publish on your blog with this , your blog will always be active, it will rank faster on Google and you will start attracting tons of traffic to yourself.
5) by always publishing on your blog, you will have the confidence that you are really going pro in network marketing industry. Remember that your blog is a lifetime assest.

Final thoughts
Once you learn more, you can always teach your team members and you are not to let your trainings be a one time training.
Copy your trainings and publish on your blog. If you did this you will never worry about what to publish on your blog.
Hope this tip was helpful decide to go pro in your business and keep on keeping on
Make the rest of your life the best of your life.

Are you a network marketing blogger?? What is your experience so far? Do you agree with my tip? How have you been keeping your blog active?? Kindly drop a comment below I'll like to hear from you.

Kindly Shear this article if you enjoyed it thanks 


July 05, 2019 0

Many people have been asking me about the best approach how to build their network marketing business. In today's training, I'll be shearing my suggestion with you on the best approach for building your network marketing.

For the past 4 years of participating in this industry I have seen that it's either you build your network marketing business fast, or you build it slow.

Now the question is what is the right approach????
There's a particular story which I believe you have heard before about a dog and a tortoise racing competition.

At first the dog ran faster and was leading the race but at some point had to relax to regain its energy, before he realises, the tortoise on a slow and steady pace, overtook him and won the race. But not so in network marketing business.

In today's training I'll explain to you why you should adopt the fast approach if you want to be celebrated in your company.

In this industry, I have studied some successful top earners and most of them adopted the fast approach. This is other wise called the 90 days challenge or 90days blitz although often times they normally return to normal pace after they have accomplished the level of success they wanted. But they always begin with this initial burst of energy.
Yes to succeed in this industry you have to do what other weak networkers won't do.
You have to compress your time to do in two months what most people will use two years to do.
You have to decide to succeed very fast so that you shock your doubters.
If your aim is to grow very fast, I suggest that you consider the 90 days challenge because if you do, it will create momentum in your business. People will suddenly be attracted to you, you will come across quality people within this short period because you will be on a different energy level.

Your team members will readily pick up your energy level and transfer it to their team members and your team will explode.

This will transfer to an increase in your income which you will probably live the life that you've always wanted.

Figure out what you want to do in the next 30, 60, or 90 days 
You can even start with a week challenge. Figure out what you will be doing on a daily basis consistently to build your business.
Once you have a game plan for your challenge days commit to doing them. And never ignore anyday. 

You can accomplish alot in even a week than what you have accomplished in the past 6 months.

If you still want to maintain a slow and steady approach, it may take you a very long period of time to be successful in this industry. This industry requires energy lots and lots of energy.

If I were you I'll adopt the fast approach today. Here is another side note, it doesn't matter where you are in your business, how long you have been. You can relaunch your business again and set a challenge for your self. Like I always tell people that my first one week challenge in my business got me where I am now you too can adopt a challenge for yourself compress time so that you accomplish in few weeks what it would have taken you few years to accomplish.

This post is my personal opinion, you can disagree with it which is fine. That is what makes us different persons only do a favour and drop your own opinion on the comment section. 
Do you agree with my opinion?? I'll like to hear from you.

MAC-FRANCIS EDEM is a network marketing professional, he has assisted many home business owners to build their network marketing business right. He is currently a diamond director in his primary company. If you will like to Join his business group kindly click here


June 24, 2019 0

Sure hope that you are rocking your network marketing business in an exceptional way??

In today's training we will cover one great tool to use if your aim is to build your network marketing business online.

In one of my trainings, I was able to explain that the first thing to figure out when setting out to build your network marketing business is where your strength lies.

Off course, you know that network marketing business is a numbers game and this means that the more people you introduce your business to , the more people you are likely to recruit. 

With this on your mind, you have to understand how to reach out to these numbers of prospects. 

You have to know the method to be reaching out to people. 

From experience, I know that there are different approaches one can use to reach out to people but all these ways or methods are divided into online and offline.

This is why I suggest that the first thing you should consider is understanding your strength whether it lies online or offline.

Although today's training isn't about how to identify where your strength lies so I will quickly expose you to a particular tool I think is vital in reaching out to many people if your network marketing strength lies online.

In network marketing many people build their business offline and compliment it with online while others build online and compliment it offline.

Personally I build my business online and compliment it offline.

People build their business depending on where their strength lies. I believe by now you know that no two top networkers build their business exactly the same way.

If your aim is to build your network marketing business online, then compliment it offline, I'll suggest that you start a network marketing blog.

The first time that I heard about blogging, I thought it was something stressful and time consuming. Although, it requires some time and effort to maintain a blog, but the produce from it is mind blowing.

Like I pointed out that network marketing is a numbers game, blog is one of those online tools that will enable you reach out to alot of prospects.

The good news about blogging is that you keep on enjoying it's benefit long after the work you did is gone.

I have suggested this to many people and they are thanking me now for it.

many people also often think that it requires money to start blogging although this is true, but you can create a free blog and start using until you are ready to get a unique domain. 

The only difference between a paid blog and a free one is that the free one will contain the site extension that you used to create your blog . 

For example instead of having (paid) you will have www.earnmoneywithmac-francis.blogger. com or . WordPress .com or any other site.

I hope you got that...

The key thing here is that I have never met any networker who builds his or her network marketing business online without owning a site or a blog. 
If your aim is to become a professional in this industry start adopting most of the things done by professionals gradually so that you get used to it.

Why you should own a blog as an online network marketer is because you want to become an authority in network marketing industry so that you start attracting quality prospects to yourself.

The only way that you earn good money from this industry is when you step up and become a leader. 
Remember that leaders attract leaders and you want to have leaders in your team else you won't go anywhere.

People surf the internet on a regular basis and when your articles are out there tons of traffics will be visiting your blog and that is how prospects get to know, like and trust you.

If your Aim is to build your network marketing business online, then step up today and own this online tool and you will be a step ahead of the other 98% networkers who are building their business online without a blog.

You will start attracting quality prospects  And many other advantages will follow.

Was this training helpful? If you already own a blog kindly shear your experience with us.

Drop your comments below I'll like to hear from you



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There are different ways of doing data reselling business

1) buying directly from the Telecom company
2) reselling through a wholesaler

I am going to explain both ways to you, so that you make a choice.

You can become a wholesaler
You can become a retailer
A wholesaler buys directly from the network operator in huge quantity and resells to retailers or consumers. 
To be a wholesaler, you need high investment to buy enough bulk data at a reduced cost. There is also a lot of profit from being a wholesaler.


 starting as a wholesaler manually

You can start data bundle reselling by buying data network operator.
The practice of using network operators is an old fashioned way of reselling data.
One thing that can get you worrying is your data expiring before getting customers to sell data to. 

This article will show you how to start your own data sharing business on all Nigerian Networks i.e Airtel,MTN,Glo And 9mobile (Etisalat). As a wholesaler.

The good thing about this business is that literally everyone needs data for their mobile devices and would be willing to patronize you if they can get more data at a regular rate,its a win - win situation.

However you will need to build your client base and earn their trust,that way you will be receiving bank alerts from your customers / clients towards or before month ending requesting for data. 

Airtel,MTN,Glo And 9mobile (Etisalat) Data Share Business In Nigeria

9mobile (Etisalat) Data Share Business

You can easily buy and register a 9mobile (Etisalat) sim and start your data sharing business. 

9mobile has one of the fastest internet in Nigeria.

To start data sharing business on 9mobile (Etisalat),follow the steps below: 

  • Buy and register a new 9mobile sim card
  • Dial *200#
  • Press 3 to select 'Data Menu '
  • Proceed to 'Family Plans Option'
  • Select the 'Opt in to Family Plans'
  • Confirm your selection
  • Begin a new process by dialing *200#
  • Proceed to ‘Data Menu Option’
  • Choose ‘Buy Data Plan’ to buy your preferred data plan
  • Return to Data Menu and choose ‘Family Plan Option’
  • Go to the ‘Share Data Menu’
  • Add recipients and data volume
  • OR
  • Dial *200#
  • Select the Data Option by replying with 3
  • Select Buy Data by replying with 1
  • Select the Heavy Internet Plans option and choose the volume of data you want to buy:

10GB > N10,000
15GB > N15,000
20GB > N18,000

Sharing 9mobile (Etisalat) Data Plans via USSD
From your phone:

  • Dial *917#

To Share data with your customers: Simply dial *229*9*PIN*DataVolume*PhoneNumber*3#

Airtel Data Sharing Business 

To Share data on Airtel

  • Dial *141*1*5# 
  • Follow the prompt 
  • Change your pin (Default Airtel Pin Is 1234)
  • Share data
You cannot transfer less than 3MB and more than 90% of your bundle. 

GLO Data Sharing Business
Glo is the grand master of data in Nigeria and allocates the most data for the lowest amount.

 How To Add Clients / Friends To Your Glo Line

  • Dial *127*01*[friend’s number]#
  • OR
  • SMS “Share [friend’s number]” to 127
  • For example: Share 08055555555 to 127

To Remove Clients/ Friends From Your GLO Line
To remove a beneficiary to the your data share you added previously:

  • Dial *127*02*[friend’s number]#
  • SMS “Remove [friend’s number]” to 127
  • For example: Remove 08055555555 to 127
To Show Numbers Of Clients / Friends Attached To Your Glo Line
  • Dial *127*00#
  • OR
  • SMS “List” to 127

To Share Glo Data Plan To Friends / Clients 
  • Dial *127*[USSD_Plan_Number]*[friend’s number]#
  • OR
  • SMS “Gift [friend’s number]” to 127
  • Example: Gift 08055555555 to 127

MTN Data Sharing Business 

To opt in to MTN Data Sharing Business follow the steps below: 

  • Dial *131*2*1# or text REG to 131 To Register
  • A unique security PIN will be sent to you
  • Change the system generated pin to a pin you can remember easily
  • Dial *131*2*5#
  • OR
  • Text Change OLD PIN* NEW PIN* to 131 Example:
  • Change 0000 1234 to 131
  • *0000 is old PIN, *1234 is new PIN.

Add beneficiaries/ clients / friends to your MTN shared Data Bundle account:
  • Add by dialing the USSD code *131*2*3#
  • Or by Texting Add to 131
  • You can add up to 5 beneficiaries
  • After adding the beneficiaries you can send share data to them by texting:
  • Share to 131
  • OR
  • Dial the USSD code *131*2*4#
  • And follow the prompt

MTN Bundles,Amount & Validity Period

  • 375MB - N1,300 - *109# -  30 Days
  • 750MB - N2,000 - *110# -  30 Days
  • 1.5GB  - N3,500 - *111# -  30 Days
  • 4.5GB -  N6,500 - *129# -  30 Days
  • 7.5GB -  N8,000 - *101# -  30 Days

Add beneficiaries/ clients / friends to your MTN shared Data Bundle account:
  • Add by dialing the USSD code *131*2*3#
  • Or by Texting Add to 131
  • You can add up to 5 beneficiaries
  • After adding the beneficiaries you can send share data to them by texting:
  • Share to 131
  • OR
  • Dial the USSD code *131*2*4#
  • And follow the prompt

MTN Bundles,Amount & Validity Period

  • 375MB - N1,300 - *109# -  30 Days
  • 750MB - N2,000 - *110# -  30 Days
  • 1.5GB  - N3,500 - *111# -  30 Days
  • 4.5GB -  N6,500 - *129# -  30 Days
  • 7.5GB -  N8,000 - *101# -  30 Days


A retailer is one that buys the data from a wholesaler. A retailer doesn’t need a lot of capital to start. You can start with the cost of purchasing unt. A retailer is like the middleman in the business. He or she redirects the consumer to the wholesaler and still makes their profit.
As a reseller With as low as N1000, you can start and grow it onto something big.
All it takes is an intelligent mind and the right guide like this one. You need some requirements also before you can go into data bundle reselling.
Listed below are the requirements to start data bundle reselling business:
  • Smartphone/PC
  • Debit card (also known as ATM card)
  • Data reselling pack

Some good news about being a reseller is that share limit that is share data to unlimited numbers of people and the need to renew validity of data. Won't affect you.
Here all you need is fund a virtual wallet and start buying data at the cheapest rate you can find. You can either buy data for yourself or subscribe data for others, adding your own profit to the cost of data and profiting from selling data 

Many of these wholesaler will give you their different prices This is the original data reselling price but your profit depends on how much you resell yours to customers. Most people sell the MTN 1GB for N600. Set your profit margin to suit you and your customer.

How to start data selling business in Nigeria through a web platform

Follow these steps below to sell data through a web platform:
1. Find a reliable data reselling website and register with them. I won't suggest any site to you in this post as I don't know when you will be reading it. I will prefer you call or WhatsApp me (+2347036959741) so that I recommend the current company I trust to you . After sign up, fund your account with N1000 and start making money from data reselling business
2. Navigate through the website menu and find link to purchase or buy data.
3. Click on the ‘buy data’ link.
4. Select your network
5. Choose the data plan you want and type your number.
6. Click buy data. Note you’ll be required to fund your wallet before you can use any of the services. Once, you buy your data within minutes you will receive the data in your phone.
Promote your business by displaying adverts or telling your social media friends about it.
That’s all, you need to know for now