Network Marketing business also known as multi level Marketing  is a great industry with unlimited opportunities to make your life better. 

Irrespective of the fact that this industry has unlimited opportunities to make your life better, it's  not easy to become successful in the profession. 

Inorder to succeed, you need to strategize and be prepared for the success you seek. 

Firstly, you've got to know that a strategy is a plan of action intended to accomplish a specific goal. 

To succeed in your network marketing business you've got to have a plan of daily activities written down, this will help you stay focus.

If you don't already have your daily plan of activities that you have written down, I'll advice you to connect with a successful networker who is building the business the same way you would like to build and learn about his or her strategy for building his or her business. 

Every successful networker has a strategy in place. They are not just building their business anyhow, they can tell you specifically what they do every single day to push their business forward. 

Before you proceed, I want you to know that there's no one strategy to building your network marketing business infact, if you should approach 1,000 professional networkers about their strategies, you will end up with 1,000 different strategies. Everyone has his or her unique strategy depending on their personality, environment, genetic make up and motivation.

My strategy may not work for you and your strategy may not work for me. All you have to do is adopt a strategy that suits your personality and schedule.

The strategy below should guide you on how to draft out a unique strategy for your business.

Before I outline this strategy I want to emphasize again that there's no one strategy in succeeding in network marketing the strategy below should serve as a guide on how your strategy should look like. 

You are free to use it as it is, you may equally decide to change it to suit your personality and schedule. But, irrespective of what ever your strategy is , it should be built around the primary activities in network marketing business which include prospecting, invitation, presentation, follow up, closing and team building.


#1) UPDATE YOUR LEAD TANK DAILY : my suggestion is that you update your lead tank daily. A lead tank is a name I use in describing where my prospects stay for continuous presentations, exposure and follow ups. 

Different Online networkers have different lead tanks, the most popular ones I know of are email list and WhatsApp groups. 

So, one of your strategic Activities in moving your business forward should  be to be updating your lead tank daily.

#2) LEAD GENERATION: Another thing you should be doing on a regular basis in order to move your network marketing business forward is to generate leads. 

There are different lead generation channels ranging from Facebook groups, profile, and pages, Youtube, Instagram, Twitter, tiktok, blog e.t.c your aim is to post contents to one or two of these platforms consistently so that your target audience can know you and come do business with you. Here, you need to use your contents in directing them to your lead tank.

#3) WORK ON YOUR MIND DAILY: This is another strategic activity that you should be engaged in to move your network marketing business forward. 

The truth is that your business can only grow as you grow. Once you begin to change your inner self, your business will begin to change. In this strategy, your aim is to listen to at least 30 minutes of mindset training everyday. It can be a network marketing mindset training ( I have a super network marketing mindset training you can reach out to me I'll give you for free) or life mindset training ( this is available everywhere, mostly on YouTube).

#4) WORK ON YOUR SKILLSET DAILY: what if you had an operation and the doctor who was to operate you came in and Congratulated you then told you how excited he was to conduct the operation and then you asked him how long he had been operating people and he responded that he's never conducted any operation before, has never studied about it but you shouldn't worry because he was so passionate and excited to carry the operation on you.

What will be your reaction??? ..... I can't speak for you.

Passion, enthusiasm and positive mindsets are great attributes to have but the skills and techniques are necessary aswell. 

If you are positive about your network marketing business, yet you ain't getting much result then you should equally check your skills because both of them are necessary. Proper mindset plus proper skillset equal to massive success. 

You must set out 30 minutes daily just to sharpen your networking skills.

#5) CONSISTENCY: Your online strategy for building network marketing business won't be completed without including consistency in it. It's always said that if you stick and stay, you will get your pay. 

This strategy won't begin to work immediately when you start implementing it. You've got to remain consistent at it as you keep on keeping on, the result will begin to manifest.

In conclusion: I believe you have gone through the guidelines. Like I said earlier you are free to use it as it is or you can make few changes to suit your personality. 

Always remember that there's no one fit it all strategy for everyone. Every top networker has his or her unique strategy in building his or her network marketing business. 

Keep on experimenting with different strategies until you discover a unique one for you.

This post is specifically for networkers that are building their network marketing business online in my next training I'll write about network marketing strategies for offline networkers.

Was this training helpful? Do you have any question or contribution to this training if yes kindly leave a comment below I'll like to hear from you.

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