Super day my fellow network marketing rockstar like I promised to write about network marketing strategy for offline networkers, that is what today's training will be about. 

Meanwhile, if you haven't read my previous training which was about Network Marketing strategy for those building their network marketing business online try and click here Most especially if you are building your multilevel Marketing business online.

Lets proceed. 

Before the advent of building network marketing business online, thousands of people were using the offline approach to build their network marketing business. Infact, offline approach to building a network marketing business is as old as network marketing profession. 

It's  the safest approach in building your network marketing business because it has to do with connecting physically with people. Prospect will easily trust you offline than online.

I started building my network marketing business with the offline approach because I was recruited by someone who was using that method to build his business. Secondly, I started with the offline approach because I didn't have any idea that there was another approach I could  build my network marketing business. 

While the offline approach may look like a default way in building a network marketing business, you should understand that it's not. It's just an approach but not a default approach. 

Many people are great at using it while others are terrible at using it. Either you are great at using it or terrible, you must know that when you are new to this industry you may not know if you are great at it unless you examine yourself.

This training will first of all assist you to know if you have an offline networking strength, it will equally suggest a strategy for you inorder to take your network marketing business to another level.

As a networker most especially when you are new to the industry, your first assignment is to identify your networking strength.

Your networking strength is simply the approach  you enjoy building your network marketing business with. In one of my previous post I mentioned that I categorize networking strength into online strength and offline strength.

I explained about them in detail. If you didn't read that post Kindly check here.

Just incase you didn't read that post, let me quickly explain how you can know if you have an offline networking strength.

Here are different ways to know if your network marketing strength is offline.

A) EXTROVERT: An extrovert is someone that gains energy when he is with other people. An extrovert is the opposite of an introvert.

If you are an extrovert there's this possiblity that you have an offline networking strength because you will be able to connect physically  with your prospects which is what you naturally love doing.

B) RECRUITING: A networker who is an extrovert will recruit more people easily offline than online. Some networks that are extroverts see online prospecting as a total waste of time and they have never recruited any prospect online , they only function best offline.

C) OLDER GENERATION: If you were born before the digital era there's a possibility that your networking strength is offline. But, it's not always in all ramifications because I've seen some older generations building great organization online. 

Nevertheless, most older generation networkers have an offline networking strength.

D) PHILOSOPHY: your philosophy can equally make you to have an offline networking strength. For example if you believe that it's more stressful to recruit online, you will only focus on prospecting and recruiting offline even without trying the online approach before.

Below is a strategy for offline networkers. Like I always say , you may want to change this strategy to suit your schedule.

#1) PROSPECT DAILY: Prospecting is simply collecting contact info from your target audience. Your duty as an offline networker is to decide on the number of prospects you have to be collecting contact information and follow through.

#2) INVITATION: This is a process of informing and scheduling your prospect to check out your product, business opportunity or service. You should be inviting 5 to 10 prospects either daily or weekly depending on your business target. 

You can invite your prospect to attend your offline/online seminar, watch your business explanation video e.t.c. please note that invitation is different from presentation. Don't explain your business during invitation.

#3)PRESENTATION: This is a situation where a prospect sees everything about your business. 

If you have a personal offline seminar Centre, 2 to 3 times presentations weekly is better while you use other days for invitation. But if you don't have a personal seminar centre, ensure that your prospects are available during the general house presentation.  

You may equally do a one on one or a two on one presentation. 

My advice is to try different types of offline presentations and see which one works best for you.

#4) CLOSING: After presenting your business to your prospects, you need to encourage them to join your opportunity or buy the product. 

There are different trainings on how to close  prospects you may want to check out books, audios and video trainings on closing to be really good at handling different objections and closing like a pro. 

But my opinion is that once you have done a great presentation closing should flow naturally if you are presenting to the right Prospect.

#5) FOLLOW UP: Following up a prospect is simply a means of reminding a prospect about the presentation he/she saw. After presentation, some people will need time to decide. Such prospects need to be followed up until they decide to join or ask you not to contact them again.

You can do this actively or passively. 

This means few days after your prospect might have seen your business presentation, you should reach back to the person and directly ask them about their decision towards the business. 

This is active follow up. 

In passive follow up, you don't have to say anything about your business, you may just ask the person about their family and Job behind this questions they will remember your business. 

Follow up is necessary because it's at this point that you can expose your Prospects to new facts about your products or opportunity, address different  objections and sell more.

#6) PERSONAL DEVELOPMENT & TEAM TRAINING: Every entrepreneur ought to be developing themselves and their teams on a regular basis. 

It's advisable that apart from your regular weekly presentations, you should assign days for training your team members. Not only will this give them ideas on how to build their business, it will equally build close relationship, unity and togetherness in the team. 

Remember that building a network marketing team is more of the level of relationship you have with your members. 

Bonus tip

As an offline networker, you need to have your personal seminar centre where you invite people to and conduct presentations. You should organize road shows and share flyers. You should Advertise on radio stations, news papers and local clubs in your community. The more people you are able to reach, the faster your team will grow.

I hope this training was helpful. Do you have any question or contribution to this topic? If yes, kindly leave a comment below I'll like to hear from you. 

Till you hear from me again, live consciously.

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