In reality, our industry becomes more interesting as you understand it.

I have never met any professional entrepreneur who speaks ill about the network marketing profession.

The truth is that anyone with an in-depth understanding of life knows that life is about growth. 

The good news is the network marketing industry is equally about growth.

You can't win in this industry without growing. Many people always resist the growth that this industry offers making them equally resist the success that comes with such growth.

You won't remain the same if you are committed to the industry. 

When you are committed to building your business, you will certainly change positively.

Today's training is about the magical ingredient for building a great network marketing team.

This ingredient is equally used in building any business or acquiring any position in life.

This ingredient is equally needed to get the right spouse, secure a great Position in your career and achieve anything in life.

This ingredient is everything...

People have different names for this ingredient. In my opinion, the name doesn't matter it's the understanding of the ingredient that matters.

Some days ago a new company was launched in my country ( Nigeria). One of the founders was a top leader in a six-year-old company... 

He resigned from that company to lunch this new one.

There were a lot of critics; many people said that he brought the same concept from his previous company to the new one and that because of this people won't join the business because they needed something new.

Different negative talks were all over the place but then irrespective of the fact that he brought the same old concept from his previous business to this new company. A few days after the lunch, The new company recorded over 6,000 Registrations.

The question is...

How was this possible? 

How was it possible that irrespective of using the same old concept people still Registered with his new company?

Many people usually think that an old concept that has been known by people can't be attractive in any way.

While this may or may not be true the reality is that the magical ingredient isn't about the concept. 

You can use an old concept and mix it with the magical ingredient and Excell.

Many people usually think that the secret is in selling the best product or being in the best MLM company. 

While this may or may not contribute to a networker's success, without the magical ingredient, the person won't succeed.


Don't be in a hurry to conclude that you know that word.

Read this article to the end and you will be glad you did.

In science, we have been made to understand that energy can neither be created nor destroyed. It can only be converted from one form to another.

If you think for a second, you will agree with me that everything in life is energy.

Let me break it down

Matter is anything that has weight and occupies space.

The smallest particle of matter is called an atom.

An atom consists of sub-particles known to be Protons, electrons, and neutrons.

These sub-atomic particles are all energy. so one can say that matters are energy.

If you want to look into the human system too, the smallest units are cells which are made up of atoms.

Everything in the universe could be traced back to energy.

Let this name not confuse you. You are free to call it anything you want.

Energy is the name used by scientists.

But then how is it the magical ingredient in building your network marketing business???

Let me explain...

Energy exists on different levels known as

Vibration, frequency, or consciousness.

Matter is energy in a particular vibration. Often said to be a lower state of vibration.

The physical things in the universe are nothing but the opposite side of the unseen.

Everything in the universe existed first in the mind of God or the mind of man.

For example, water is matter.

It's called water because of the vibration it exists. 

If that vibration is altered by refrigerating the water to zero degrees Celsius, you won't call it water again, its name will change to ice.

And when heat is applied.. maybe let us say you decided to heat the ice to above 100 degrees Celsius. 

The name will change to vapour and if you keep on heating it, the energy that was initially called water will be called air.

The same energy only changes from one form to another.

This means the vapour is the same thing as the ice they only differ in their energy levels.

The ideas you have are energy and they also exist on different levels of vibration.

Ideas are intangible energy. They move at a higher speed than other forms of energy.

Ideas can't be seen but they exist just as everything else.

Every idea in you alters your level of energy and exposes you to other energies on that level.

You can only be aware of ideas that are on the level that you are on.

Irrespective of what you want in your network marketing business if you are not on the same level of energy with your wants you won't have it.

Equally, irrespective of what you don't want, if you are on the same level of energy as what you don't want, you will eventually experience it.

Everyone in life exists on a particular energy level when related to a particular area.

When two People's energy levels are closely related, they end up becoming friends.

When your energy level is related to that particular cloth, you buy it.

This applies to everything in life including the type of car you buy, the type of house you live and the food you eat.

Your level of energy is the magical ingredient to having anything you want. 

Your growth in the network marketing business is dependent on your level of energy.

Everyone you recruit into your team is somehow connected to you just as all your friends are connected to you in one way or another.

The money you earn from your network marketing business is connected to your level of energy.

Your level of energy is based on your predominant ideas about a particular area of life.

If your network marketing team isn't growing, what you need to understand is that your result is the reflection of your energy level.

What you need to do is change your level of energy.

I will show you how to change your level of energy and if you did it, you will change your network marketing result as fast as possible.

Remember I said earlier that every idea alters your level of energy. And I also said that you will only see and get ideas that are on your energy level.

To change your level of energy, you must know the level you want to be on.

This means you must know the goals you want to reach.

Your goals are ideas once you know them and focus on them, they will determine your predominant level of energy and this will determine the ideas you keep getting which will equally alter your actions and your results.

Here's how to change your energy level.

write down your goals: know exactly what you want in your network marketing business and don't think for a second that you can't have it.

I know it's not easy but you need to believe that you can reach your goals. 

It's your belief that will attract more ideas to you and the activities you need to engage in to make those goals real.

This is very important. Remember your goals are ideas and ideas are energy. 

These goals will automatically raise your energy to its level.

Focus only on them. See yourself achieving it.

Do it continuously. 

It won't be easy at first mostly if you are far from the type of results you want in your business but by continuous effort, it's will become your predominant level of energy and your business will change.

This is the magical ingredient in building your network marketing business.

This ingredient can be used to achieve anything in life. By Understanding its power nothing can stop you.

If need be. Read this article over and over again until you understand the ideas presented here.

I hope you got value from the training.

Till you hear from me again, keep on attracting great things to yourself.

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