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According to an ancient philosopher by the name Heraclitus who said that the only permanent thing in life is change.

We change every minute and because of this, our understanding of life changes too.

Before now I equally taught people the importance of having a to-do list. 

This was because to some extent my understanding of reaching any goal was limited. 

In today's article, I'll suggest what you should do before having a to-do list.

For the sake of people who may not know the meaning of a to-do list.

A to-do list is a written list of daily activities to engage in to reach your goals.

This is always a powerful tool mostly if you want to increase your Productivity because it presents you with everything you need to do regularly.

But here's the reality...

No one knows the exact activities they need to engage in to reach a goal without inspiration.

If it's easy to know the exact steps to take daily to reach a goal then everyone would have been doing it.

You may know some steps to take but certainly not exact steps...

This is why it's important to understand what to do first before writing your list of daily activities.

This article will suggest to you what to do before having a to-do list.

There was a time in my network marketing business when I was looking for a way to take my business to another level.

I was reading everything I could, observing different network marketing professionals, and applying different strategies I saw and one of those strategies was to have a to-do list which wasn't still helpful.

I was doing a lot of activities without any tangible result. 

This means that it's possible to be busy doing nothing.

A wise man once said that you don't want to be committed to climbing a ladder just to discover after getting to the top that it's leaned on the wrong wall.

You won't know your daily activities without raising your vibration.

Raising your vibration simply means convincing yourself that you've already gotten what you want.

It's from these feelings that ideas on the right activities will get to your consciousness.

This is the reason why the activities I had on my to-do list didn't produce the expected result.

The concept is not about having a to-do list first but rather it's about believing that you have gotten your goals already and then allowing that belief to suggest the activities you need to include in your to-do list.

If you don't understand this concept you can stay committed to your to-do list without experiencing your expected result.

In life, there are different activities for different Results.

For example... Let's assume you have a goal of earning a million naira monthly in your business.

You won't know what you should be doing daily in your business to earn a million naira monthly until you figure it out.

It's only after you've done it that you can tell someone else what you did.

But this isn't a smart thing to do. 

So the best way is to believe that you have reached the 1 million goal already and your subconscious mind will present you with activities to put in your to-do list.

Your subconscious mind doesn't know a real event and an imagined one.

Once you can convince yourself to believe that you are already earning 1 million monthly, it will suggest the right daily activities for you.

Your subconscious mind knows how to handle all your dealings. 

It's the subconscious mind that digests your food, controls your breathing, and circulates nutrients throughout your body. 

Your subconscious mind does these without your conscious effort. 

That is why it's necessary to allow it to suggest the right activities you need to be engaged in to reach your goals.

Just imagine a posture that an employee assumes in the presence of his or her employer.

The subconscious mind will fix the posture without the employee's knowledge.

Your subconscious mind will suggest the right activities for your to-do list.

If you use your conscious mind to write your to-do list which is what many people do, you might end up putting down activities that are good but not right for reaching your goals.

This was the same thing that happened to me before discovering the inspiration concept.

I was very active in implementing the ideas I wrote down. 

I sincerely thought those were the right things I needed to do to reach my goals but after implementing them for a few months, the awful truth dawned on me that nothing was changing.

If you are committed to your activities for more than 3 months yet no change in your results, it might be that you are engaged in the wrong activities.

In summary, just before writing a to-do list, ensure that you believe in possessing your goals already and the right activities to reach those goals will gradually come to you one after another by inspiration.

After acting by inspiration for a month, if you choose, you can decide to write those daily activities as your to-do list in your business.

95% of entrepreneurs don't know of this concept, you are lucky to know about it. It's now left for you to apply.

I hope you got value from this training. Do you have any questions or contributions to this topic if yes kindly leave a comment below I'll like to hear from you. 

Until you hear from me again, keep on attracting great things to yourself.

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