I've been actively involved in this industry for 7 years now I must say that this is the most misunderstood industry so far.

Everything about this industry is opposite from what I thought it was in my first year.

Today's article is for new networkers. 

If you are one year or less in this industry it means you are new. To this effect, kindly take this article seriously and apply the ideas presented here.

These ideas are not all the ideas you need to know, there are many of them but these are indispensable if you must succeed in this industry.


It's always said that our first Companies choose us. What this means is that the first Company you identify with will be less of your own choice. 

It may be a choice of your sponsor, environment, circumstances, etc. 

you won't deliberately choose it because at this stage you won't have any idea about network marketing. You won't even know that there are different companies in the network marketing industry.

Because of all this lack of knowledge, you probably may join a company without a product or service. 

Some people always begin their Network Marketing adventure by joining a Ponzi scheme which usually ends up bad because Ponzi schemes don't usually last.

I don't know the period you are reading this post. 

You may be preparing to join our industry, perhaps you just started or you have been in it for some years.

Irrespective of the time, make sure that you partner with a product or a service-based network marketing business.

Any company without a physical product or a real service won't last long. Also, confirm if they are registered in your country also research if they are registered with a direct sales body.  You don't want to start building your team only to hear that your company has been asked to shut down because of a violation of some government policies.


while no one can make you successful in this business unless you are willing to succeed, it's smart to research a little about your sponsor before joining him or her.

You should join someone who knows more than you. Don't just join anyone that approaches you. Join someone that knows more than you can preferably have some tangible Results.

This is business don't be sentimental about it.

Don't also join someone because you know the person.


In my experience, I've come to know that there's no one fits it all way to build a network marketing business. 

No two network marketing leaders build their teams the same way.

As a new networker, you want to taste different strategies as fast as you can so as to discover the one that works well for you.

If you try your upline's strategy, if it doesn't work for you look for other strategies, think, and be creative.

Your best strategy will always be in alignment with your natural abilities.

For example;

I like pressing my phone and I also like writing so because of this I decided to create a network marketing blog. 

Through this blog, I've recruited a lot of people into my business.

Most times it may be difficult to identify your best strategy so the easiest thing to do will be to experiment with different strategies faster by so doing you will discover your best strategy.


I wasn't serious about my network marketing business during my early days. 

I saw it as a charity organization because of how it was presented to me that first time.

Many networkers will hype the business to the point that you don't see it as a business but rather as a charity organization. 

You may also see it as the only way to make easy money fast without doing any work.

I'm here to tell you not to fall for this. 

Don't let the hype get to you. Know that every network marketing business involves serious work and commitment.

You must be serious with your business. Know that you won't earn money if you don't move the product from the company to your customer either by recruiting or retailing.

Another reason why people joke with their Network Marketing business is due to the cheap Registration fee.

Anyone can joke with a business that's easy and cheap to join. 

Let our cheap registration fee not make you treat the business like a hobby else you will be frustrated. 

You want to treat it as if you have invested 10 million naira into it and you have a few months to get back the money.

Know that the way you treat your business is the way your business will pay you. 

If you handle it well, you will enjoy its benefits if you treat it like nothing it will pay you the same way.


In his book THINK AND GROW RICH. Napoleon Hill mentioned that persistence does to human character what carbon does to iron because it hardens it to steel.

The more you persist in building your network marketing business, the more you become good at it, and the more money you will earn.

Don't think that this industry is as simple as it sounds during business presentations. 

This industry is an emotional roller coaster mostly when you are new.

You will face different setbacks, you will encounter different difficulties and you will seldom think of giving up.

There are days that you wouldn't want to get out of your bed because of disappointments. 

In moments like this,  you must remember why you joined the business. Your why will keep you going.

Keep on keeping on because if you stick and stay, you will get your pay.

You can't escape your learning curve in this industry. To enjoy, you must pay your price.


Everyone is expected to be involved in personal development irrespective of their profession and networkers are not exempted.

We know this but often we ignore it and think it doesn't matter but it does matter.

You can't build your network marketing business beyond what you know. 

Your business activities are directly proportional to your knowledge and one great way to gather this knowledge is from network marketing books, business books, and other personal development books.

If you are not intentionally reading every day, you will struggle in this industry. The more books you read the more ideas you will have and the faster you will grow your business.

One of my regrets is not committing early in my network marketing journey to reading more books intentionally. 

If I had done that maybe I would have been more valuable than I am currently but I'm still excited about my current self.


faith simply means what you believe.

It's the ideas in you that you consider as truth.

This is the most important advice on this list. 

If you can believe that you can succeed, I guarantee you, your success will be rapid.

I'll suggest you research how your mind works. 

Learn about your conscious and subconscious mind. Research infinite intelligence and know how to work with natural laws.

Your Understanding of these concepts will help make you believe that you are already a successful person. 

It will make you believe that you are the only person that can stop yourself.


The Network Marketing industry is great and I will forever remain grateful that I'm part of it. 

If you are new to this industry, read everything you can about it and stay committed. 5years from now you will be glad you did. You will be very far ahead in life. 

Keep on keeping on and make the rest of your life the best of your life.

Take care of yourself and keep on attracting great things to yourself.

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