3 Powerful Lessons...

 I hope you are having a wonderful day.  I'd just like to share a few things with you that I've been thinking about over the past few days.

 1 Your health is your wealth.  Without your health, life isn't as enjoyable as it should be.  I've been working from home for some time now . When you are healthy, you have more energy.  When you like the way you look and feel, life is better. Don't neglect your health in your pursuit of success!  Good health is hard to achieve and easy to lose.  Eat healthy, drink lots of water, get plenty of sleep, and exercise a few times each week.

 2 There is a sleeping giant within you. Day in and day out I see people sell themselves short, underestimate themselves, sabotage themselves, and struggle with worthiness issues.  How do I know this?  I used to be one of these people! We constantly compare ourselves to others, which is a huge mistake.  When you compare yourself to someone else, you are comparing your weaknesses to their strengths.  Plus, you might not see or hear about the whole story they went through to get where they are at today. Things are never what they seem! You must realize that you are on your own journey in life.  No two people in the universe are on the exact same journey.  You are unique.  There is only ONE person exactly like you in the whole world!  You are a gift! Learning to love yourself is vitally important.  Learning to like yourself is vitally important.  Believing in yourself is important.  Accepting yourself for who you are, but always trying to improve is very important.  You must work harder on yourself than you do in your job.  Listen to people too cus a single discussion or attention can revolutionize your life I was introduced to network marketing for the first time in seconds and everything happened so fast . from that day I have been shaped into the man I am today! Looking back, there were two phases of my life.  There was the pre-2015 MAC-FRANCIS EDEM, where I had a bad attitude, low self-image, and chip on my shoulder.  And then there is the guy writing this post, someone who has actively worked on his personal development every day for a while now.  What is the takeaway?  Find a mentor.  Work on your personal development.  Get better every single day and look for that sleeping giant within you. Once you find it, your life will never be the same.  And remember this, you are worthy and you are deserving of all the things you want to achieve in life!

 3 There are three lessons that changed my business for the better.  Here are those lessons.

  1. It's a numbers game

 2. Work with the willing

 3. You only need a few good people.

 Once I understood these things, the business became much more enjoyable for me. You must realize that most people you talk to will not join your business or buy your products, and most people who do join your team will do nothing to grow a business, no matter what you do to help them.  The 20/80 Rule always holds true.  Next, you must work with the willing.  That means you work with the people who are coachable, hungry and willing to work.  You work with the people who are actively sponsoring people and finding new customers.  You can't make anyone successful and you definitely shouldn't try to drag anyone across the finish line.   I've found from personal experience, if you have 100 people on your team, you might have 5-10 people who are "willing."   These people might not be superstars, but with your guidance and support, they can build a decent sized team.  Normally one in 100 people is a superstar.   Finally, you only need a few good people on your team to make a big income in this industry. Most top earners make most of their income from 3 or fewer legs, even if they've personally sponsored hundreds of people themselves.  Now you know! I hope you got some value from this POST today.  Have a great day.    Have a Super Awesome Day!