My Business Strategy for 2019 Today, I want to take a few moments and share my MLM Business Strategy for 2019. Before I cover my business strategy, I'll take a brief moment and share my goals first. My Business Goals Here are my goals for 2019 for my network marketing business. Personally sponsor 4096 people
Reach the rank of CROWN DIAMOND in my business.
Add 16,000 new team members
Earn six figures with my company,
Develop and maintain 12 Pacesetter legs. Please keep in mind that as of DECEMBER 1, 2018, I have only been with this company for Few  Weeks.  You should also know that I work my network marketing business full-time, so my goals could sound extreme to someone doing the business part-time.

Also note that my network marketing registration fee is very cheap. If you would like to partner up with me, you can learn more about my company by contacting me on +2347036959741 My MLM Business Strategy for 2019

 Let me start out by telling you that I am a Biochemists. I spend a lot of time in the laboratory . This experience has helped me immensely in the MLM Industry.

 While I am good at the tactical work of my business, I really enjoy the goal setting, planning and strategy development. I am a big picture kind of guy and I rarely get hung up in the details.
 I set yearly, monthly, weekly and daily goals.  I have a daily checklist of items I must do each day. And, I am a task master and work very efficiently.

 That being said, here is what I do each day.

 # 1 Personally Reach Out to Twenty New Prospects Daily .
 Most of my prospects contact me first, because of my advertising and blogging. Despite that, I will reach out to twenty new people each day, normally on whatapps.  Every day I work my business I will reach out to at least 20 new people who I have not contacted before.  If I do that daily, I will have nearly 500 conversations per month, which should result in 30 new personally sponsored people each month.

 # 2 Send Two Hand-Written Notes per Day.
  I am a big believer in the personal touch.  Any good NETWORKER understands this.  I know that social media messages is a very powerful way to stay in touch with people and cultivate a relationship, but I also know that a hand written note or SMS is the best way to do that. I will send minimum TWO hand-written notes per day to prospects, team members, friends, family and people on my business list.

 # 3 Blog one to three Times Weekly.
 I blog one to 3 times per week. I build my entire business online, via my blog and whatapps. I outsource some of the writing, but try to spend about an hour per day editing or writing articles.

 #  4 send Good quality messages to my social media groups on daily basis.
 I write informative and educational messages for my team members on a daily basis .  I provide recognition, training tips, product education, inspirational quotes, training videos and much more.  I send this so they know what is going on and have the most current updates.
This is one of the most important things I do in my business.

#5 I watched Training videos four times weekly.
 I am fortunate to have some online professionals which often shear their current training videos directly to my mail, I set out time to go through those videos four times per week, and I also encourage my team members to do the same thing.

 # 6 One-On-One Mentoring.
   I spend most of my one-on-one mentoring time with my leaders, and with the people I have personally recruited. Most of the mentoring I do is in a group setting, but I do conduct private mentoring when needed.  I complete this through Facebook Video Messenger, whatapps video calls or by phone.

 # 7 Answer My Phone.
All of my calls are inbound. I do not call any prospects.  Instead, I use advertising and marketing so people call me first.  I get phone calls every day, answer my phone and do not screen calls.  This takes 1 hour of my time every day.

 # 8 Update My prospects whatapps Group.
 I spend about one hour per day updating my prospects whatapps group.  I share inspirational quotes and videos, success tips, compensation plan provide recognition and support, and encourage others.  I enjoy doing it 3 times daily

. Putting It In Perspective How much time will all of this take?

 Reach Out to 20 Prospects - 90 minutes per day

Handwritten Notes or SMS - 10 minutes per day

Blogging - 60 minutes per day

 Messaging my Team - 20 minutes daily

 Watching training videos - 60 minutes per day

(average)One-on-One Mentoring - 60 minutes per day

 Personal Development - 60 minutes per day

 Total Time Per Day - 360 minutes (about 6 hours) If you were to break everything down, you would see that I spend about 6 hours per day to do all of these things.  It's a lot of work, and I definitely won't work this hard forever.  But, I am new to my company and I am going "all in" for the first year to get the business built quickly.

 The Bottom Line

 The bottom line is that you need a MLM Business Strategy that matches your available time and your business goals.  You don't need to do exactly what I do, but you need to do something that works for you.  My challenge to you is to come up with your own MLM Business Strategy BEFORE NEXT MONTH 1st OR one week after reading this article and have the discipline to follow it every day.

 What are your thoughts about my MLM Business Strategy for 2019?  Reply to this post  let me know what you think.  I look forward to hearing from you. have a wonderful day

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