You may still return to the bottom after succeeding in network marketing if you don't understand this secret

Although the network marketing Industry is a great industry and a unique one the problem is always with Companies and networkers...

I can hear you say but who are the people that make up the industry?

Yes even if network marketing companies and networkers are the people that make up the network marketing industry, there's an ideal standard for the industry.

The industry standard is what every company is striving to attend.

The standard is unique and that is what every company and networker sells to Prospects.

Although they sell this standard to Prospects, they themselves are not the standard, they are only letting you know what they are striving for.

They are equally striving to reach this standard and oftentimes, Many companies fall below this standard to the point of going out of business.

In one of my blog posts I've listed out the ideal projection of the network marketing industry but today's training isn't about that so I won't go into it.

Today's training is basically about another deep truth that you ought to know.

Those that follow my Trainings know that I don't sugarcoat things, I tell it like it is.

The ideas in this training may not be what you want to hear but I can't help.

The ideas here are based on my years of experience in this industry as a Nigerian.

These ideas may be different in other countries but as far as Nigeria is concerned, these have been my observations.

During my early days in this industry, my upline sold the ideal projection of the network marketing Industry to me. 

It made a lot of sense and that was why I gave in.

He said things like 

You will be able to earn money while you sleep...

You will be able to earn huge amounts of money by leveraging other people's experiences, time, and energy.

He equally told me about becoming a better person in the process of earning money with my phone. And lots more.

All these exciting views about our industry are real and accurate.

These are the things that our industry offers but here's the truth you are likely not going to attend them even if you are a great networker in Nigeria.

I'm not saying that Nigerians are not living the ideal network marketing projection... They are. Is just that only a few people live it.

Remember at the beginning of this post I told us that this industry is unique but the issue is always with Companies and networkers.

The company you are promoting is managed by individuals that are equally trying to figure out how to meet the ideal projection of the industry.

If they fail, they will halt your attainment of experiencing the ideal projection of the network marketing profession.

The truth that I want you to come to terms with here is that you may not experience the ideal projection of this industry as it's preached.

The reason is that your company's management must be outstanding at their work for you to experience all these things.

You may experience these projections in bits and pieces but not as smoothly as it's usually projected during seminars.

Have you heard words like this during seminars?

"You will be able to make money while you sleep, travel to any country you want, meet new motivated friends, Eat your breakfast in your country, travel to another country for your lunch, and return to your country for dinner".

Have you heard things like "you will be able to relax on the beach while making money every minute"?

The above projections sound like things that will happen simultaneously, it sounds as if once you start making money in your company, other events like traveling around the world will follow one after another.

While these projections are true about our industry, in all my years in this industry it doesn't flow like that.

It's not as if it wouldn't have been that way but we are dealing with imperfect Management.

 humans are not perfect with their ideas, your Management can easily mess up the ideal network marketing projection for you. 

This is what I mean

You can start making good money and traveling from one country to another and suddenly, your company goes out of business because of the wrong move by the company's CEO.

You may be earning good money while you sleep as a result of building your team and suddenly the economy strikes your company to the point that your team members leave that business or worse your company goes out of business which will require you to go to another company or start building a new team again.

Here's the truth 

In Nigeria, you must be smart enough to know how to diversify your income when your business is going well because anything can happen at any time.

This is the reality.

I have enjoyed the ideal projection of network marketing business during the past years but it's been in bits and pieces.

In one of my businesses, I was already on a higher rank when the management had issues.


I was already enjoying an ideal projection of the network marketing industry and suddenly I found myself in a situation where I needed to start afresh because of a wrong decision by the company management.

I don't know much about the duration network marketing companies last in other countries before experiencing a downward spiral but from my observation most network marketing companies in Nigeria last only for 5 years before experiencing a downward movement.

I'm not saying that it's not possible to experience an ideal network marketing projection in Nigeria ... You can ...... some companies have been in Nigeria for over 15 years. 

They are still in business and giving their distributors the ideal experience of the network marketing industry.

The only issue here is that Companies like these are not rampant.

Since I joined this industry some of the companies I've been with are no longer in operation while some that are still in operation are on the edge of extinction.

During my early days in this industry, I didn't consider this difficult truth because I was told that I was the only variable.

I was made to understand that Companies, compensation plans, and Products will be there for life and that I was the only determining factor in succeeding in the business.

While this may be true in most companies, in a larger percentage of companies in Nigeria it isn't true.

The company, compensation plan, Products, Registration fee, management e.t.c may change anytime.

Even if you are a good networker, you can still experience setbacks in your business based on other factors you can't control.

This is the truth I want you to get out of this business article.

Once you have this truth at the back of your mind, you will know how to excel in your network marketing adventure.

This explanation should make you understand that you can reach a certain financial rank in your business and your company will destabilize your finances based on their wrong decisions, if you weren't aware of this, you are likely to be stranded in the middle of nowhere.

Build your network marketing business and have it in mind that if anything can happen, it will.

Earn and invest in other projects and Never rely on your company mostly if you are building your business in Nigeria.

In summary

There's no permanent company. Nothing will last forever. Although, some things end too soon than we expected.

Always know that your current company may not be the company to give you an ideal network marketing projection.

Always be smart to be flexible in your network marketing adventure. 

Persist until you meet a unique company.

Make the rest of your life the best of your life.

I hope you got value from this training...

Do you have any question? If yes kindly leave a comment below I'll like to hear from you.

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